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RE: All Lives Matter?

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Are you telling now you didn´t mean it and that races do exist?

No. I purposefully included the gender topic to show the fallacy in your reasoning, and you're repeating the same fallacy here. I'm saying that races exist as social constructs, not as biological entities. It's that simple. Unlike with gender and sex; those can and do exist alongside each other.


You are also repeating you dogmas (that races exist as social constructs, not as biological entities), but without any reasoning/argumentation. In my initial reply I gave an argument which you happened to just ignore.
Sorry, but as long as you can´t explain WHY races should in humans not exist biologically whereby in all other animals they do exist, I can´t take you serious. Do you think there was no evolution or that once mankind was there biology stopped to work? Why we should be different than other beings?
I know the word "race" is terribly bad connotated, and this is why people don´t want it for humans, so think about the concept as "population groups". Maybe you accept then the scientific facts better and won´t be triggered by the word.