The Rise Of Trump

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Often times I ask myself, as I'm sure many of you do to, how did we get to where we are now, with a fascist clown at the helm of the world's mightiest nation? How did Trump rise to power? How did he fool so many people into believing that he would fight for the average American citizen, bring back their jobs, build better schools, take better care of the veterans, and so on and so forth? Memories are short in these fast times, so here's a short reminder...


source: YouTube

I really only have a video for you to watch, and it's not even a great one. In fact I had to keep myself from turning it off several times because it was so hard to watch the lies in hindsight, to hear this conman make promises we now know he never had any intention to keep. I'm not saying this, nor am I sharing this video on the rise of Trump because of any particular aversion to right-wing policies or the Republican party; I did a similar exercise after Obama's presidency and if I'm completely honest his lies were on an equal footing to Trump's lies, and were just as hard to watch and hear in hindsight. I still can't get over the fact that Barack "drone king" Obama received a Nobel Peace price...

But Trump's rise to the presidency, as it is summarized in the below linked video with fragments of public appearances from 1980 until January 2017, paints a very clear picture of his ultra-nationalism and his antagonistic attitude towards foreign nations. Not just one or two, but all of them; in his rhetoric on other nations Trump always talks in terms of winning or losing, never in terms of cooperation. During his entire campaign, and even before that, he has focused on America as a falling nation, that what once was the greatest country on Earth now isn't respected anymore by other nations, how American leadership, Obama in particular, let China win all trade-deals. Looking back at all this, and hearing him talk about a return to a time when America was still a winner, makes it clear to now, in hindsight, that Trump was the fascist strongman from the very beginning, and I blame myself for not having noticed this much sooner. I mean, he talks about American businesses moving their production facilities to low-wage countries in terms of those countries stealing American jobs, thereby making those countries the enemy instead of the CEO's who decide to exploit low-wage labor abroad... Constantly talking about America "being ripped off" by "others"...

Just watch this stark reminder, and you'll see it's no wonder that white nationalist movements support this man through thick and thin; he's got their back. Sure, he now and then throws in the obligatory talk about the multicultural society and the odd apology, but taken on the whole his rhetoric is divisive and antagonistic, and this has been the case since 1980 at least. I wish I could tell you to enjoy this video, but I can't; I can only invite you to watch Trump's long road to the White House as a reminder that he really is a textbook example of a fascist strongman leader who promises to always place the American nation and people first and to "Make America Great Again"...

Donald J. Trump: The Long Road to the White House (1980 - 2017)

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👿You are so evil for daring to have an opinion on the current dictator in chief. How dare you! Take that! Here's a downvote!😆

That downvote was dished out to you, from the "community leaders" class, who call themselves witnesses on this blockchain. They are here to make sure you are entitled to your opinion and free speech, no matter what you believe in right? Nope, wrong! You must agree with the dictators of hive too, or you will be silenced and told what to say or think! Take the red pill or else!

The hilariousness of people's oxy-moronic thinking has reached comical proportions. But it's all based on elitist thinking. The very thing they claim to be against LOL.

These are the same people who called people on the opposite side of politics "snowflakes" and "triggered" when they didn't subscribe to the same ideals and thoughts as they do.

Now they are here to show you how triggered and snowflake like they are, by downvoting you based on your opinion's and thought crimes against there own biases and political beliefs. Mind you, some of them try and promote themselves as "free thinkers" and ardent supporters of free speech LMAO. This place has turned into such a fucking joke.

I guess we are too stupid or too retarded to understand the true definition of those words - free speech and free thought. That is a crime in itself.

How dare you commit those thought crimes! Here is your punishment you hive peasant!
That's how it works. For some of these people. They like to throw their weight around based on the size of their wallets, and know who can or can't defend themselves based around that.

TRUMP 2020! That should save me from getting my downvote....well, maybe not!


Exactly right; thanks yet again for saving me the trouble of making these points @palikari123 😁 I'd like to add just one thing: the downvoters often identify as libertarians, anarcho-capitalists or anything in between, and supposedly adhere to the non-violence principle... Need I say more? I think not.

Thanks again my friend! 🙏🏼

Look below - Some of these clowns think they have all the answers and solutions that only reinforce their narrow minds and repetitive talking points - they can't even understand how brainwashed they are themselves. Just take the red pill and all the worlds problems will magically disappear - while at the same time they destroy this platform and turn it into a dystopian shit-hole for anyone that disagrees with them, and scare away any real customers they have left.

The thought crime police, who accuse their political enemies of being the though-crime police - isn't that weird?....upside down world, within inside out world is real for some of these alt-right snowflakes, who call everyone else a snowflake. Ahhhh the irony of it all.....they must have trump derangement syndrome, who see a communist everywhere they look. They are everywhere I tell you! I just found one under my bed! All that talk of divide and conquer and they play straight into it....funny that.

Did you see that list above? One of the greatest achievements high up on that list was the creation of the 6th military unit! The space force will fix all our problems! Because more militarism is what we need! What a great achievement lol! Did you also notice that there wasn't a single link or any cited sources in that entire article? I guess they are real journalists, who don't need to cite any sources. They have everyone's automatic trust:) That's some of the same tactics the clowns on here use too. If you don't source to anything, then It must be a guaranteed fact! Only my opinion matters bruh!

The saddest part about it, is the clowns below have literally never written anything constructive or useful during the entire time they have lived on this "blockchain", but they still call themselves "bloggers" for some reason. One of them even fancies himself as a philosopher - LMFAO.

They have no solutions to anything either, even though they claim to do so - they are just butt-hurt repeaters of made up "facts", instead of writing something creative themselves with their own real research and credible sources, or opinions that make any rational sense without it being purely politically motivated. They only rely on their brown-nosing skills and nothing else.

What a sad state of affairs indeed. I really didn't want to leave this place or stop writing for this community, but as things stand around here - it's a total waste of time and energy. There are too many so-called "brainwashed" repeaters on the red-pill side who are oblivious to it, and are only interested in repeating other repeaters, and not writing anything constructive and educational from a "facts" and journalistic perspective.

I read and digest media from all sides of the political spectrum - instead of being a brain-dead repeater of one philosophy. I also didn't write that many opinion pieces - I like research and facts, as it serves a better and deeper purpose that can dissect through political lines, instead of playing into the usual fun and games. I can also personally disagree with your general political philosophy and outlook - yet still read your articles with an open mind - unlike some others who only come here to troll and spam your articles on a constant basis. Yes, I pay attention!

I make an effort to learn from everyone...different thoughts, different ideas, different interpretations of the same story...for others however, it's simply not the case. You must agree with me or else, you are a communist anti-red pill stooge! That's how simplistic their thought process is. They are not even aware of their own narrow-mindedness, so they need to point the finger at the "irrational" ones - so they can feed their own irrationality.

I have finally found the right solution for myself to save my own sanity - I am muting some of these people to save myself from reading the same crap over and over again. Enough is enough. Even open minded people, have their limits.

Oops that was too long.🤣

No, that wasn't too long, it was just right 😁 The list above, you know, the one with Trump's "125 achievements" was too long; they even cited the tax cuts as an achievement, and yes, also the expansion of the military into space as you've said. I didn't react to it because I made a promise to not respond to that particular snowflake anymore, not until he writes something rational at least, and this one didn't qualify 🤣

I respect and like your attitude regarding the different political and ideological convictions and your attempt to keep an open mind by consuming all of them; that's what I do too, and what we all should do. I can't comment on Ben Shapiro's or Jordan Peterson's or Stephan Molineux's nonsense without first having listened to them after all... The mere fact that these people consider themself "red-pilled" is indication enough of their delusional state of mind. That I can live with though, even when they're too far gone to ever again see the error of their ways; their mostly stupid remarks serve as an extra fortification of the points I make, and all they achieve with the trolling and downvoting is expose themselves as the snowflakes they accuse others of being. Heck, why I never thought of calling Trump the "Snowflake In Chief" is remarkable, come to think of it 😂

Thanks again for such a great response! It really sucks that the platform has lost a voice of reason like your own... I'll try to hang on though, for myself and for the small "band" of regulars I've managed to attract throughout my 3 years or so here. If you ever decide to return to blogging, make sure you let me know!

That's strange - the only downvotes I've ever received are from the left, I mean...

I thought you quit the platform 3 months ago!

I am no longer blogging on the platform - exactly what I said I was going to stop doing.

My last post specifically states that my blog was shutting down - and I won't be engaging with the platform from a blogging perspective.


You should try the red pill one day.

Some people will never be capable of it, due to not understanding the nature of reality.