A Week Worth of Ai Art - A prompactive week!

Because I've been busy creating quite a lot of Ai Art this week, I thought I might share everything in one post instead of many, I hope that you enjoy! I am going to try to refrain myself from saying to much, and just let you scroll down, and vibe...



Prompting My second album

This is so far one of my most interesting project with AI. I take lyrics on my second album Aimee released in 2020, and include them at the beginning on the prompt, adding a few more things there and there.
Such interesting results, and I won't hesitate to make a post about it once I have the 11 songs of the album in colors.


Such a poetry in the way the lyrics are being interpreted, of course a lot of mistakes are being made, but so many great imageries are coming out of the lyrics, I really enjoyed them so much, they're probably some of my favourite generated Art.

Working on Fantasy Landscapes


I've experienced an issue that isn't quite uncommon on midjourney, the AI is struggling to seperate the tree from the tower, when used in the same sentence.
I saw another artist on instagram that had the same issues, and he also confirmed what I've already noticed.


Of course, you can always get the result wanted, by eliminating what you don't want in your frame.


This one is a treehouse, Shinkai Makoto style...


There is a touch of Ghibli studio in it too, and a whole bunch of other things.



I think I've written "Elvish Castle" in the forest, but I feel more romanticism, I love the reflection in the water, I don't remember if it was in the prompt. Probably...

Adam and Eve selfies (update)


If you remember my hyper realistic portraits at the beginning of the week, I was working on Adam and Eve taking a selfie in the garden of Eden, but I didn't like too much the results, the couple looked very much like Instagram influencers.

On this generated work, there is a depth and 3d volume to the characters, it feels like you can touch them almost.

OMG! Bewbs!!!

I like this one too, it has a nice touch to it.

I feel that the phone in their hand is a nice touch, it adds to the social critique...

Ancient Temple

Ed_Privat_Ancient_temple_in_a_cliff_with_water_and_animals_drin_3a467c0b-bb30-4c0f-b4cc-9456a55960dc (1).png

Ed_Privat_Ancient_temple_in_a_cliff_with_water_and_animals_drin_e7e73d7e-6508-4325-a350-344469259016 (1).png


I've added animals in the prompt, but I am not super happy with the result.



Lost City



Exactly what I had in mind!


Armoured Huskies


I should have added ultra supra freaking detailed to the prompt, I like the result though, but the ears could have deserved an extra layer of details.


Cyborg Lions


This one didn't do well on Instagram this week, and I cannot figure out the reason for this. I am super happy with the way it looks, I love the heat signature around the mouth and nostrils, so cool...




As a huge DBZ fan, I've been prompting some fantasies like "what if Broly was a king" and "meta Gohan", realistic Goku, you name it! Oh it's giving me another idea...Stay Tuned...



Will Be A Hero Soon






Ed_Privat_Coolio_sitting_on_a_throne_in_heaven_hyperdetailed_fu_8717fd05-ae61-44ae-bbf7-6b66179122f9 (1).png

Music Is LIfe



The idea was to represent the creation of life at its cellular level, and how it also creates life...



DEAD PUNCH (update)

I am trying to generate zombie hordes, but for now it's been tough. I can't really show you the results though, because I think I've reached the limit of pics 🤣

Next time!!



And this is just some secondary character research for who the hero Jack Stone will be facing, you never know who you can bump into in those dark alleys!

That's all for today, have a great week ahead :)


Holy crap man. The fantasy ones and the characters (cyborg lion and armored huskies) all look like they could easily be found in an animated movie or a video game. Those are really incredible. 👌

Thanks bro, I love the huskey too, so many details and stuffs. THere are really some amazing arts out there, absolutely unknown Ai artist doing some cracking realistic stuffs.

Gosh! These are truly awesome.
You do amazing work!
They are so realistic and detailed that evoke emotions in me.
Well done man!👏

Hey there! Thanks! I appreciate the comment, dear!

You're welcome:)
Have a nice day/night wherever you are 😊

Cool stuff. I started using midjourney myself yesterday. Definitely interesting, even though I haven't been happy with the result so far. I have to learn how to write better prompts...

Hey you! Yeah the result is a bit disappointing at first, and then by accident you'll get something, and keep on digging until you're happy with it! A bit like sculpting a block. I've never sculpted so I dunno ahaha.

Very interesting work @edprivat, I really liked the lost city.
Hope you and the family are doing well, I have not been around much, I have a sister who's been really sick, so I been with her a lot, and it's depressing.
But trying my best to get back in the game.
Are you back in France?
Nice to see this new artwork of yours, take care.

Hello there @farm-mom! It's great to have some news from you guys, truly sorry about your sister, that sucks, that's kind of you to be there for her.

But trying my best to get back in the game.

I know how you feel, it's hard to juggle sometimes, especially when life gets hectic.

We are indeed back in France for a week or two, there's so much to do right now it's so overwhelming and my days are gone so fast, I feel that I am not accomplishing much haha.

Thanks for the compliment, it's AI art, I'll explain another time I am too tired right now (cleaning the kitchen, now mopping!)

Glad you are back home safely. We are always busy too and we don't work anymore, well, we work, we just get paid in fruit and vegetables 😁

we just get paid in fruit and vegetables

What a whealth!!!

We are rich, you must have felt that way last year with all those dang potatoes hhehehe.

I felt like Scrooge swimming in a pool of gold! 😄

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