Conversation with my very own Artificial Intelligence about our "artworks"

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AH! Catching your attention with Ana de Armas playing Marylin Monroe, this one for some reason never fails.

Men and women of tastes, welcome...

Notice that the lips aren't fully formed, like AI was in a rush, I know my friend Holoz0r would probably use the genius GFGPAN to fix these Artificial Intelligence imperfections as I like to call them, but I left it.

Because I am lazy, and also because I am the artist, and it's an artistic statement.

The beauty of it, is that I might change my mind later, and try to polish it again.

Alright, so what do we have here...

Master Roshi on a Harley


I got obsessed...With this one for a while, isn't it AI?


Ai: "beep beep"

Notice the signature, probably taken by the AI from an obscure drawing out of the database used by Midjourney. Or maybe it's a from a famous piece, even better! 😊


For some reason, I couldn't get some legs on that one. Where are the leeeeegs...

What am I trying to accomplish?

I mean, it's been now a whole month since I started my journey to understand and master AI art through prompting to infinity, and quite frankly, I don't feel that I learned anything.
My first "artworks" were as interesting as the ones I am producing now, so there is very little learning curve(s). The only thing that changed, is that I pretty much know a bit better what I want to see.

I also understand the language that needed to be spoken now...

Right now online, everybody is drawing anthropomorphic animal faces, Lions, Zebras, bears, I even saw a metallic pray mantis with intricate details today, beautiful. I can't show it to you because it's not mine, but all of this that you see on this post, it is.

I've been really flooding my cortex with such a huge amount of images, I would be intrigued to actually see what my dreams look like since I started this AI experiment.



I got so many more lions, but I don't wanna bore you to death with it. You might think, "oooh that's beautiful what you just made".

I didn't do nuffin. I clicked I clicked I clicked and then something came out eventually.
Something always comes out.

That should be written on a T shirt, mugs, etc...

Here, it's the cute version of the one above:


Cute little guy. Also signed, by who knows...Probably nobody, probably a moosh of 10 signatures, that the AI then generated in one big bowl of pasta.

Ai looking at me like



"But how do you do that" you might think?

I don't know...How do you sing, how do you think, how do you do anything. It just happens, a second ago there was nothing, a void, the abyss, and then a second later there is a "something".

Because "Something Always Comes Out".

Do you agree AI?

"beep beep beep":


Ah...This is not what I said. You wrote "Something AWAY'S COMETS OUTOUUUU" ...

Never Mind. Nice try...



Ah AI, you're such a poet.

Coming up with concepts, making jokes and shit. The flower and the robot, nice one.

Or was it my idea?

Ai: Maybe...

And who is powering who? Is it the flower powering the robot, or the opposite?

Ai: Yes

And Am I powering you?

I Know what I need, I need something real. I need a warm cozy fire, right in the middle of the forest, something that truly cannot be faked.



Let's sit here for a second and warm ourselves with our artwork...


Since I started, I generated 990 images...

It got me thinking.



...On a quantum Level...


Do these people exist in a different dimension? I mean that chick right above, it's totally the chick from Game of Thrones, right?

Sophie Turner, that's the name. But she can't sue me, because that's not her, you're following me?


That's not The Hulk


Still Not...



Ah ok those 2 last ones are pretty much The Hulk, you nailed it AI, good job.

AI: Are you happy now? Does The Hulk Make you happy?

I wouldn't say "makes me happy", I don't know think you have to understand the ramifications of my creations, I am doing stuffs because...of...Trends.

At the moment, what works well is anything raibowish Unicorny with tits.




There's a niche for that.

I made the niche...

I mean, you did AI.

AI: "Do you need more Anthropomorphic Neon & Crystal Unicorns ladies with blue eyes?"

Naaah I think that's enough for tonight thank you.

I can't just end up on this note, right?

We need to return at the core, of what makes us human, what it means to be who we are...



OH yeah that's good, mythical Apache meets Nordic Viking Samurai.

I love it... We're getting somewhere. I think the last thing left to do, is ending on a social commentary note.

I was really obsessed with Klaus Schwab, and if you don't know who it is, it's going to fall flat, but if not, here it goes:



And also, just because people liked it, I have to share the deer masky thingy. People loved it so much on IG, we had to create a seperate AI ART instagram, just to stop the flood of images on my normal IG. And the worst of all, is that AI is getting way more followers than I get on my music account.

I hate it!!! YOu hear me AI, I haaaaaaaate it!!!





Ah that's pretty cool though, good job...

AI: "Thank you"


Great collection of images. Look at examples of the work you want to create, have a healthy creative diet (that itself is an enormous topic) and you’ll find the outputs of your creative process are more and more fulfilling.

I was just having fun haha, it's really much like in music ,I don't think I ever get "fulfilled" because then it's the death of creativity. That's why boredom is so important to teach to children.

Though what you said could be applied as a good guideline for life too ❤️😳✊

I’m constantly bored. It leads me to going to eat more than is appropriate.

Yeah I feel ya, I always end up finishing everything at home, even the kids snacks 😄...

What you're working on this week?

I’ve actually been away from home for the last two weeks or so, taking a break from society. All of the posts (and a few yet to come) were scheduled up using PeakD to keep my blog busy while I was away.

There’s a few more posts to come about Valkyries, and while I’ve been away, I’ve been playing a few games, reading a few things, so there will be some posts about those to come.

I’ve started to have my thoughts centre back around Greek and Athenian mythology again (I have a book about Circe to read on the plane back home) - so I think I will be focusing on that area once I’m done illustrating a whole bunch of Valkyries.

My mind jumps from topic to topic very quickly, and I need to learn focus (and restraint)

Haha wears it's legs? That's funny. I wouldn't have realized if you hadn't pointed it out. I guess the AI got lazy.

Funny post man. As usual.

And the worst of all, is that AI is getting way more followers than I get on my music account.

I guess they were right, that AI would take over everything. You can't compete with AI.

You can't compete with AI.

It has already won 😁 Maybe it can write me some good songs now...

Still DALLE2? Are you paying?

Midjourney, and yep I am paying :)

Dalle 2 from time to time, but I'am never happy with the pixels.

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