This is how quickly AI Art evolves and improves, it only took a few months

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my version of Batman, if you want to see the raw draft before, it's here

Each Ai Art software has its own lingo, its own system, and with the advancement on the technology, what used to be impossible a few months ago, is now easier than ever on Midjourney, they now offer a possibility to "Remaster" your work.

The remaster feature allows you to make new variations of the images created and upscaled with the v1/v2/v3 versions. Remastered AI images will be more coherent in the style of the new “test” version but will still have that artistic touch from the standard Midjourney versions.
Of course, you can create only “test” or “testp” images right away and will also have coherent and very photo-realistic results. The benefit of using the remaster feature is the endless creativity of the standard Midjourney version combined with the new cohesive look. The result is awe-inspiring AI pictures, which you will love even more.


I wanted to show you some of my work revisited in the last few months, and how I started including "remaster" as a part of the creative process:

White Panther


I actually have never showed you this one before, probably because I didn't really like the way it turned.
As I was explaining to myself earlier and even in a previous post, that I am pretty sure that GFGPAN is somehow involved in the remasterisation of each atwork.


You can either decide that you have what you're looking for, or keep on going further down the "refining" process, that can often becomes a giant rabbit hole.



As you can see, it really adds another layer of realism.

Old Rasta Man with wrinkles


Funny to think that I was pretty happy about this one in its original state, something about the eyes.

I ended up doing a video for Instagram with the evolution of the faces:



This is 2 of the best 10 I got, but all the faces were so interesting, and I am hoping one day I can print them, some really beautiful texture and photorealism.

Wolf God


So the wolf god was one of the first time, I felt that I reached a new level when I prompted it.
Little did I know that there were few more levels to go through and that the end result will be even more interesting.


I think "the weight of the prompt" as we call it, has been modfied recently on Midjourney.
In other words, you words matter more than they used to. It will take more of your input into consideration, and less "artistic interpretation" by the AI.

How do I know that? Because I tested it on roughly 2000 images, and up until now, it was DallE that was leading the way in term of "the weight of your words", then Stable Diffusion, and Midjourney seemed to have finally modified their algorithm to something similar.

Ed_Privat_Khamzat_Chimaev_MMA_fighter_as_a_hybrid_wolf_god_surr_aba5e872-d98c-4aa9-8300-9a89f2960b54 (1).png

Dead Punch


I've stopped working on my comic idea because I was finishing a single in studio in the last month, that I will be releasing soon.
But the prospect of working on it again excite me a lot, I think I want to go back to drawing, and take my time crafting something that I enjoy.


You see, in the prompt I was talking about the katana, and it wasn't even being interpreted using the original Midjourney algorithm.


I am also still thinking about Jack Stone, the main protagonist, and In term of face, something with 25% Brad Pitt in it, seems to work nicely.


Golden Panther Godesses

Ed_Privat_beautiful_black_panther_god_surreal_mythical_dreamy_a_f4b3d151-f915-4ae4-b620-4500d132c2ca (2).png

The remastering is also giving me issues, because I often forget what I wrote in the prompt, most of stuffs are a lot by accident, and in my prompt somewhere was hidden "Black Panther", and I forgot about it, but when remastering the artwork, it reinterpreted the Black Panther in the comicbook way, and in that case there is no way to claim it as original work anymore.



Red Bull God


Here is the same challenge, because there is the word "Optimus Prime" in my prompt, the first result is visually very different, using the oiginal Midjourney.


But when remastered and the weight of the prompt having a bigger influence on the outcome, it suddenly fleshes itself out a transformer, though I could argue that you could probably get away with this one, if you don't name it "Optimus Prime".


Golden Bull


The first draft was never really what I wanted to achieve, and remastering it had exactly the effect of shaping it the right way.


The intricate elven details is something that I love to incorporate in the prompt, always so nice to look at.


And the religous aspect is reinforced by the beautiful rendering of the gold, cool stuff!

Elv(ish) Village


Yes, I put Elvish in my prompt, not elf, not elven, I wonder how much of it has an influence on the final result.

This one is a good example on how I am not even sure, which one is the best.
You see, the top one is the original, and I really enjoy the deconstructed perspective, and the blend between nature and architecture, it almost blends in like an hobbit house.


Each remastering add another layer of interpretation, it will sway in one artistic direction, and you can do that indefinitely, to the point that the end result can really be miles away from the original.


Ed_Privat_An_Elvish_village_with_a_river_and_trees_mythical_dre_7fcead17-8252-45bc-bafa-e642dc4e728e (1).png
The last one, was my favourite, I can't really explain why.

Robot Biden Creative Process

Ed_Privat_robotic_cyborg_Boston_dynamics_Joe_Biden_on_podium_du_2b8cba26-f15f-426a-bca0-fde6854ef4bc (1).png

Man, I could do an entire post about Robot Biden. I got a bit obssessed, and my creativity went in all different directions, this is when I started really understanding the power of the new Midjourney AI and how quickly we are evolving.
It was September, and I started realizing that what I did before was already becoming obsolete.
My eye also starting getting used to spotting "imprefections" and "incoherences" making my workflow a little faster.



Really happy with the end result. I didn't get the success I thought it would on Instagram, but at the same time, I am not even sure of my statement, I just find the idea of a robot Biden, funny af.

Soul Mates


I don't always like the new results with the remastering, Soul Mate is a good example of this, I just prefer the rough texture of the top one, and the new interpretation is a liitle bit too smoothen out for me.

What do you think?







Nuclear explosions with balloons


Now I use my first prompt for having a rough idea, and once I have a vague sketch, I then use the remaster as a refining tool, getting the best out of each images.



Battle Squirrel


Ed_Privat_Wild_squirrel_god_surreal_mythical_dreamy_artistic_ul_9756eebb-fc8e-4b17-81f2-ef94bcf7fee8 (1).pngremastered
Really cool intricate details that I didn't think would ever been translated the right way, but now it is!

Lion kid Creative process


Once again I get the rough form of what I want, selected between 4 pictures generated by Midjourney.


And then polish the one that I've selected...

Ed_Privat_Aura_of_a_lion_coming_out_of_a_small_black_child_oil__821ac9ab-5ed1-4be6-ad81-e25d54ed4f14 (1).png



Jesus, the remasters do take the art to a whole other level. Who would have thought that it could go so much deeper?

Marvel should keep your Golden Panther on file for when they need to update the Black Panther suit.

If you don't publish the comic you're creating the traditional way, it would be cool to post it in chapters here on Hive maybe with the full graphic novel at the very end or something. Just a thought

If you don't publish the comic you're creating the traditional way, it would be cool to post it in chapters here on Hive maybe with the full graphic novel at the very end or something. Just a thought

That's a good thought! And maybe it would be easier to finish a story this way by trying things...sometimes pulling the trigger is the hardest part on a projet!

sometimes pulling the trigger is the hardest part on a projet!

Yep agreed. I've given up on so many projects over the years that I'm gun shy to even start anything anymore.

Yeah I even realized for my 3rd album, I don't even wanna do it this way no more. I am going to release a single, and then another one, and so on. Eventually I will have a 3rd album 😂🤞

Yeah that makes sense to me.
Good luck man 👍

I had never really heard of AI art, these are pretty damn cool Ed, is it a time-consuming hobby and what is the best app to use?

Hope all is well with you and the family bro.

Thanks dude, it's just a hobby. I do sell some of them as FNT and merchs, but for now it's going slowly 🤣

Try nightcafe studio, it's in browser, and midjourney on discord.
They both great for different reasons, you'll learn on nightcafe about different AI used, like stable diffusion, openai, on DallE!

I'll use @ausbitbank's artybot and starryai combo for may last NFT of this year

"Cursed with talent..." The creative individual may often not know which direction to head, when their interests are so far varied.

YOU, Ed, might fall into that category from what little I know of you?

Cool stuff, my friend... I like it😎

Ah story of my life!

I think it's God's sense of humour, he loves that shit! Very niche comedy...

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