Natural charms of our paradise (Es-Eng)

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Hola amigos de esta maravillosa ¨Inspired by Nature Community¨:  Feliz de estar nuevamente en esta comunidad de apasionados por la vida natural, compartiendo una toma fotográfica de unos encantos naturales de nuestro ¨paraíso¨; cuando digo nuestro no significa que este dentro de mi propiedad, asumo como ¨nuestro¨ por la familiaridad que tenemos con el predio y por concurrir allí casi a diario

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Hello friends of this wonderful ¨Inspired by Nature Community¨:  Happy to be once again in this community of passionate about natural life, sharing a photograph of some natural charms of our "paradise"; When I say ours, it does not mean that it is within my property, I assume as "ours" because of the familiarity we have with the property and for going there almost daily

Ayer fue un día de mucha adrenalina, nuestro¨seleccionado¨ nacional de ¨futbol¨: participo de un evento deportivo con ¨países¨¨bajos¨, si bien Argentina fue en ganador del encuentro, hubo situaciones complicadas que se debió superar, además del arbitraje polémico que hizo que la adrenalina se elevara. Una vez finalizado el encuentro hubo que estabilizar las emociones, y no hay nada mejor que una caminata en un entorno natural. Mientras caminábamos pudimos ver esta hermosa planta floral, la extraña apariencia de la flor llamo nuestra atención. Se trata de una planta de ¨Orquidea¨ su nombre científico es ¨Orchidaceae¨:  Las ¨orquídeas¨ son una familia muy grande, si se suman todas las especies que existen, pueden llegar a cien mil. A esta planta aquí la conocemos como ¨orquídea¨¨amarilla¨ o ¨orquídea¨¨silvestre¨

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Yesterday was a day of a lot of adrenaline, our ¨national soccer¨ selected¨: participated in a sporting event with ¨low countries¨¨, although Argentina was the winner of the match, there were complicated situations that had to be overcome, in addition of controversial refereeing that made the adrenaline soar. Once the meeting was over, the emotions had to be stabilized, and there is nothing better than a walk in a natural environment. While we were walking we could see this beautiful flower plant, the strange appearance of the flower caught our attention. It is a plant of ¨Orquidea¨ its scientific name is ¨Orchidaceae¨:  The "orchids" are a very large family, if all the species that exist are added, they can reach one hundred thousand. We know this plant here as ¨orquídea¨¨amarilla¨ or ¨orquídea¨¨silvestre¨

Lo que me gusta de caminar por estos senderos naturales, son los sonidos de la naturaleza y su perfume. Mientras camino me encanta centrarme en los sonidos que oigo, e intento determinar de qué se trata, cuando percibo algún aroma particular trato de conectar mi mente con mis narices y descubrir a que planta pertenece el perfume que siento. En esta ocasión percibí en fuerte aroma de las flores de ¨Jazmín¨ conocido científicamente como ¨Jasminum¨:  Esta planta también tiene una familia enorme, y las imágenes que les enseño sobre esta planta es una de las más de doscientas especies que existen. Aquí la conocemos como ¨jazmín¨¨común¨ y es muy común ver en los jardines como una planta decorativa, por lo general están en la entrada del jardín, para que todos aquellos que visiten puedan percibir su particular aroma

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What I like about walking through these natural trails are the sounds of nature and its perfume. While walking I love to focus on the sounds I hear, and I try to determine what it is, when I perceive a particular aroma I try to connect my mind with my nose and discover to which plant the perfume I feel belongs to. On this occasion I perceived the strong aroma of flowers ¨Jasmin¨ known scientifically as ¨Jasminum¨:  This plant also has a huge family, and the images that I show you about this plant is one of the more than two hundred species that exist. Here we know it as ¨common jasmine¨¨ and it is very common to see it in gardens as a decorative plant, they are usually at the entrance of the garden, so that all those who visit can perceive their particular aroma

Otra planta floral que no faltan en los jardines de mi ciudad son las ¨Azaleas¨ científicamente conocidas como ¨Crinum¨¨powellii¨:  si bien no es una planta que tenga un aroma penetrante, el especial atractivo esta en la variedad, forma y colores de sus flores, que es lo que me cautivo mientras caminábamos por este sendero. Es verdad que en alguna otra ocasión ya les di a conocer esta planta, pero es tan hermosa que es casi imposible no hacer unas tomas macro de ellas y volvérsela a mostrar

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Another floral plant that is not lacking in the gardens of my city are the ¨Azaleas¨ scientifically known as ¨Crinum¨¨powellii¨:  although it is not a plant that has a penetrating aroma, the special attraction is in the variety, shape and colors of its flowers , which is what captivated me as we walked along this path. It is true that on some other occasion I already introduced you to this plant, but it is so beautiful that it is almost impossible not to take some macro shots of them and show them again

No hace falta mencionar lo feliz que estoy por los resultados que estamos teniendo en este mundial, los argentinos estamos atravesando por una situación económica y política muy complicada, vivir este tipo de emociones nos hace bien, podemos olvidar por algunas horas los problemas que tenemos por vivir en un país como el nuestro. Por mi estado de salud, y por la situación que afronto económicamente a diario, es que recurro a este entorno natural, ver la belleza natural del lugar me hace bien. Esta hermosa toma fotográfica fue realizada con una¨nikoncoolpixb500¨

Source: Family Álbum

It is not necessary to mention how happy I am for the results we are having in this World Cup, we Argentines are going through a very complicated economic and political situation, experiencing this type of emotion is good for us, we can forget for a few hours the problems we have for living in a country like ours. Due to my state of health, and due to the financial situation I face on a daily basis, I resort to this natural environment, seeing the natural beauty of the place does me good. This beautiful photographic shot was taken with a¨nikoncoolpixb500¨


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Realmente hermosa tus fotos

Muchas gracias por apreciar mi toma fotografica querida amiga @liseth.zamora
Que pases un hermoso dia

The flower scenes you have captured are really beautiful and my favorite flowers are here, flowers are always something to love.

hello dear friend @semarekha good afternoon
Thank you very much for appreciating and supporting my images, you are very kind
enjoy the weekend

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thank you dear friends
Have a beautiful evening everyone

www flower portraits are very good too beautiful I like it very much. thanks for sharing with us

What a wonderful collection of beauties you have shown us here, dear friend @jlufer 😊

I love to focus on the sounds I hear, and I try to determine what it is, when I perceive a particular aroma I try to connect my mind with my nose and discover to which plant the perfume I feel belongs to

I think using separate senses like this is quite a difficult task. It's much easier for people to use them together. 🤭
You know, I don't like football very much, but I happened to watch the match. It was spectacular, wonderful! The Argentinian team played very well and because of that I was rooting for you the whole time and I was so happy for your win. 😃 Messi... is a magnificent player! Divine!
This is the first time something like that has happened to me and I was surprised at myself. 😎