Nature as a healing plan (Es-Eng )

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No puedo creer que haya pasado una semana de la última vez que publique en esta genial ¨Inspired by Nature Community¨:  Como saben soy un apasionado de la naturaleza, y paso gran parte de la semana en cercanía a ella, es donde me siento muy bien y se podría decir, que es donde olvido las cosas que me preocupan o no me hacen bien, incluido mis dolencias corporales

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I can't believe it's been a week since I last posted on this cool ¨Inspired by Nature Community¨:  As you know I am passionate about nature, and I spend a large part of the week close to it, it is where I feel very good and you could say that it's where I forget about things that worry me or don't do me good, including my bodily ailments

En mi ¨ último post¨:  les comente la situación sobre el ¨nervio¨¨ciático¨, y como persuadí a la traumatóloga no realizar ¨infiltraciones¨ y en su lugar hacer ¨fisioterapia¨, ayer realice mi sexta dosis, y para ser honesto, no he obtenido los resultado esperado, por el contrario, la dolencia se ha agudizado

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In my ¨ last post¨:  I told you about the situation regarding the ¨sciatic nerve¨, and how I persuaded the traumatologist not to perform ¨infiltrations¨ and instead do ¨physiotherapy¨, yesterday I did my sixth dose, and to be honest, I have not obtained the expected results, on the contrary, the ailment has worsened

Para poder estar sentado algunas horas, escribir y hacer unos pocos comentarios tengo que ponerme una faja en la cintura, solo así puedo soportar la dolencia, de no ser así, no sería posible estar escribiendo mi post, y como saben, es un lujo que no me puedo dar, ya que vivo de la compensaciones que pueda obtener en mis post, además, estoy haciendo algo que me apasiona, y jamás había pensado que pudiera vivir de mi pasión

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In order to be able to sit down for a few hours, write and make a few comments, I have to wear a girdle around my waist, only then can I bear the ailment, otherwise it would not be possible to be writing my post, and as you know, it's a luxury that I can't afford, since I live off the compensation I can get from my posts, besides, I'm doing something that I'm passionate about, and I never thought I could live off my passion

Si leyeron mi post anterior recordaran que en la naturaleza se puede hacer ¨ árbol¨¨ terapia¨:  si no lo han hecho y les interesa saber de qué se trata, solo tienen que ingresar en el link. Aquellos que estamos desde hace algún tiempo en #hive recordaran que los días martes es el día para publicar contenidos de árboles, es la razón de estar compartiendo estas hermosas imágenes

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If you read my previous post, you will remember that in nature you can do ¨ tree¨¨ therapy¨:  If you haven't already done so and are interested in knowing what it is, all you have to do is click on the link. Those of us who have been in #hive for some time will remember that Tuesday is the day to publish tree content, which is why we are sharing these beautiful images

Que alegría haber encontrado esta comunidad que me permite compartir las imágenes naturales que hacen nuestra cámara ¨nikoncoolpixb500¨ además de la experiencia que vivimos en este entorno natural que acostumbramos a caminar varias veces a la semana. Mañana es el día de caminata de los miércoles, y será un gran placer darles a conocer otra de nuestra caminata en cercanía a la naturaleza.

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What a joy to have found this community that allows me to share the natural images that our ¨nikoncoolpixb500¨ camera makes, in addition to the experience we live in this natural environment that we are used to walking several times a week. Tomorrow is the walking day for Wednesdays, and it will be a great pleasure to introduce you to another one of our walks in closeness to nature.


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Telling about your life and pains against the background of the pictures of this beautiful, calm, effortless, neutral, but at the same time soothing nature is a bliss. For the reader. But, I'm sure, also for the writer...
I am so sorry to read that you have not recovered, dear @jlufer. I cross my fingers and send my best wishes for your health! 🙏

hello dear friend @soulsdetour
#hive has become a ground wire, a place where I can catharsis the experience I'm living
I love natural environments, I feel relaxation there
Thank you very much for this pleasant visit.
have a beautiful afternoon

Oh I’m so sorry to hear this my friend @jlufer 😳 it has even worsened. That was not what you had hoped for.
And that it is so difficult for you to sit and write the posts…
That’s sad.
Hope it does go better soon 🍀🤞🏻 Sending healing vibes and all the best wishes 🤗

Beautiful captures and so great to see so much nature…

Hello dear friend @littlebee4 good afternoon
There are still four more sessions to go, we hope that by completing this physiotherapy session there will be some improvement
Thank you very much for the great support you always give me
have a beautiful afternoon

Hello @jlufer good afternoon.
Let’s hope there are improvements 🤞🏻🍀
Anytime my friend… with pleasure.
Thank you so much 😊👋🏻