The greatest mystery


When I was looking at these photos a few days ago, it took me a while to realize exactly what I had photographed. My brain needed time to think, reason, distinguish and see one by one the things in the pictures.


Actually, lots of repetitive stuff and one different thing. Something that tries to mimic and pretend to be the rest of the repetitive stuff. Successfully.


When I took these pictures, I was seeing it. But then it became unnoticeable again.


Well, of course you see it now. I gave you a hint and you distinguished it. But it still requires some straining of the mind. Movement of thought, effort, exercise.


I think nature always leads to that. It is the constant stimulus for reflection. The permanent tool for exercising the mind. At least for me. Constant motivation to keep the brain in top shape because the brain is in good shape when it is used, right? And what requires more thinking than this constant and greatest mystery for man - nature?


It is like solving a crossword puzzle, like Sudoku or arranging a Rubik's cube.


But really, can we solve all these puzzles? I think not. And if we resolve them now, what will be left for us to resolve, what will occupy our minds? 🤔
Nothing good, I guess...


In any case, not something constructive and not useful. For us as a species and for our planet and the things around us.

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Hive.jpgSoul's Detour is a project started by me years ago when I had a blog about historical and not so popular tourist destinations in Eastern Belgium, West Germany and Luxembourg. Nowadays, this blog no longer exists, but I'm still here - passionate about architecture, art and mysteries and eager to share my discoveries and point of view with you.

Hehehe, it took me some time to find it out for myself. Master of disguise! They are predators, as far as I know...


Horrible predators! I'm even afraid of them. I don't even know how I managed to take these pictures. The alien watched me the whole time, fused with the bush, moving two small dark dots in the spaces that should be called eyes 😱 brrr

What do you call a hippo who says something and does the complete opposite?
A hippocrite

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The way you describe it... woooof, scary as sh*t :D
Have a great day!


Yes, it is absolute scary! Don't you think so? 🤔😃
Have a great Sunday!

I told the Starbuck's clerk my name was Marc with a C
When I got my coffee it was marked Clark.

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Well, to be honest I'm not exactly sure it is :)))


What did the shark say when he ate the clownfish?
This tastes a little funny.

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Why does Humpty Dumpty love autumn?
Because he always has a great fall!

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This little guy knows very well the arts of magic, how amazing how he mimics the leaves by taking advantage of the color!

I don't know if any human being would be able to do it so well?

Greetings beautiful. As always excellent writing and photographs 😉.

Oh no, humans certainly can't pull it off. Also, taking this creature as an example, mimicry is perhaps an ability of predators, of aggressors (well, humans are also to some extent, but can't reach the abilities of animals) 🤔
Thank you!

Yay! 🤗
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Wao! That's beautiful 📸🙌❤

Thank you! Glad you liked it 😊