The Mighty Fungus 🍄

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The Mighty Fungus



When you think about the most "successful" species on the planet, it's tempting to think it's us - "homo sapiens". I would like to nominate a much more successful creature, perhaps I've actually read this somewhere in one of the hundreds of books I've consumed in the past few years, the awe inspiring fungus.

I, like many fellow olympic champions and Nobel laureates, sometimes suffer from athletes foot - the ghastly group of fungi; Trichophyton, Epidermophyton and Microsporum that infect the epidermis preferably under the feet between and under the toes.

To think the abominations above are family members of the "shrooms" on my pizza, makes my stomach churn first of all, blows my mind clean off. The truth is, they are so successful, the fungi species, that they are to be found absolutely everywhere on the planet; underground, underwater, in the air, living on and inside other organisms, and so on. They have been here since the beginning, and will most likely outlive us. They will survive a nuclear winter, we wouldn't, and extreme climate change. They will thrive, in fact, in extreme heat. The will also thrive in extreme cold. They are the true champions of earth, the most adapted of all the living things here. All hail the mighty fungus.

They can also be quite beautiful, flowery even. I spotted these parasites on growing on a living tree in a park the other day and was drawn in by the colours. I wondered if they were edible. I'm sure experts would be able to tell. I can't. I remember going mushroom picking with some friends on mainland Europe. It's kind of a tradition over there, but you really have to know your stuff. You're one mushroom goulash away from hospital, or worse, if you're not careful 🍄

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Fungi are amazing and very varied. This book shows that. I see a fair few around here and I know some people photograph them for Hive. Maybe I should do more of that.

!PIZZA (with mushrooms of course).

Yes some of them can be as beautiful as flowers. They're great to photograph. That book looks quite chunky. I'm such a slow reader that I'd need the audiobook version to consume that in time :)

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Do fungus have any nutrient for healthy growth

Some of them do if they're edible. Some of the are poisonous.


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