Night Travelling To Visit A Hotel.

in ecoTrain28 days ago

Night journey is our own fun, all of us friends decided to travel at night and we decided that we will go to a hotel and have food, just we left here and our journey started.

The weather was good and we also turned on the AC of the car and from here on the free left, we went doing gossip and when we ride on the main road, it was a lot of fun and we saw the beauty of the night time of various buildings and places.



When we reached the hotel, many vehicles were already parked and those people also came to the hotel to have food. We also parked our car there and all our friends booked a table for dinner and sat there.


This is a famous hotel of the place where the food is tasty and delicious and it is good and people come from far and wide to eat here.


We also had a lot of fun there, had food and kept gossiping with friends, after that we took the way back, and the atmosphere looked beautiful at night.

There are many such buildings and the place which looked beautiful at night, the reason for this was only and only the atmosphere there which was lit up with different lights and people had decorated their place even during the night.