CLEAN PLANET crowdfunding campaign: Challenge 5/9 Your favorite green tech

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The Afars of Ethiopia have a deep connection to nature, no pollution, no electricity, no overconsumption. What a difference from the life of a New Yorker or a Parisian!
The slow technological evolution which has brought us undeniable material comfort has come at the expense of biodiversity, nature and our natural resources are inexorably depleted, whether oil, phosphate or copper, our world is over. and better use of our resources is necessary.
Man has long fought for his survival, fearing famine, war and epidemics. Technology has provided it with the means to produce abundant food, with the distribution of wealth remaining the main source of conflict. Today 9 billion humans living on a small planet must agree to share resources.

The limitation of resources asks us about our real needs: private car? Individual house? Plastic packaging?
What do we do ? what do we need? David Greaber has shown that 40% of jobs are not used for much, he called them “bullshit jobs”.
On the other hand, when the will to do something is present, the productivity can be impressive, in 1944, during the second world war, the United States were able to produce 400,000 planes in 1 year.
9 billion people guided by a common will and efficient technology could achieve feats to build an environment respectful of nature where everyone has their place and where violence is only a distant memory.

The blockchain will certainly completely reorganize our society. CLEANPLANET can reward every citizen collecting waste without transaction fees, anywhere in the world. It is a green technology with unexpected consequences and I invite you once again to support our action during this crowdfunding campaign.

Challenge 5/9

And you? Which green technology do you think is the most promising?
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