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RE: Question Of The Week Season 10.2: What things could we do differently to reduce climate change?

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hi @garcondiable
thank you for your contribution to the QOTW!
COuld you please cite your references? You have stated a lot of data that clearly must have come from somewhere, but it is hard to see where it all came from. THis is very important to do as most of your post(s) read like they were copied from somewhere due to the language used. Also you must have taken these facts and figures from somewhere.

Can you reply to this comment with some links to where you got this data from?
thank you!


Hey, I hope you are well, your concern is about my source right I can provide you.
It's from
IPCC — Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change(
So you can see all the text here but it is in an elaborated form, but in my blog, it is simplified, and I wrote the things I remember.
I can provide more source explanations in my next blog.
Thanks for reading my post

 4 months ago  

ok thank you i will take a look
PLEASE in all your future posts ENSURE you add links to any sources that you use at the end of your post. If you do not it is very likely that you may get blacklisted and your account downvoted on all posts by various teams on Hive.. Im sure you do not wish this to happen! WIthout citing your sources it is considered plagiarism and is a big issue for Hive.

thanks again!

It should have been reported then, for the record in our DB.
Could you please report any abuses in our form?
The user has continued with the fraud.