AI an ally for energy efficiency

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Artificial Intelligence could have a great impact in the near future to achieve the energy transition of cities, especially because it is urgently required to boost energy sustainability, decarbonization and digitization of the electricity sector.

AI can help in the transition to carbon neutrality. Source: pxfuel.

In recent years in many cities the energy sector has seen major changes, from the incorporation of renewable energy, increased use of electric vehicles and the deployment of smart grids to name a few. And with the population growing faster and an ever-increasing volume of data, managing everything efficiently will be one of the sector's biggest challenges, and this seems to indicate that AI could be the best ally to effectively drive the energy sector on the path to sustainability.

Many countries, especially in Europe, seem to be clear about this path and have made major commitments to work towards the goal of achieving carbon neutrality and curbing climate change, with actions that will not only improve the quality of the environment but also the social well-being of their citizens.

In this sense, artificial intelligence is currently emerging as a great tool for analyzing network operation programs, forecasting energy demand, as well as generation in renewable plants. This is why initiatives such as AI4Cities, a European Union project aimed at helping six European cities and regions to accelerate their transition to carbon neutrality through artificial intelligence solutions in the fields of mobility and energy, have been launched.

The first phase of this project consists of the technological challenge posed to several European companies for the design, implementation and testing of innovative solutions that can help modernize public services and solve major societal challenges. Based on AI, these companies will analyze citizens' mobility patterns, design more efficient routes and schedules, determine the most efficient location to install charging points for electric vehicles, as well as evaluate and plan the necessary investments in the sector.

On the other hand, these companies will have to analyze the electricity consumption patterns of the buildings and work on solutions to optimize their consumption and efficiently promote the use of electricity from local renewable sources by analyzing demand and generation capacity.

The digitization of services will be important to provide efficient management of energy resources. Source:

In this phase of the project, a company specialized in digital transformation will be in charge of developing services through ICT platforms that will allow the integration of devices for efficient management of energy consumption and generation. With the emergence of what has been called the Internet of Things (IoT), the volume of data that electricity companies can access will increase exponentially, so machine learning models will be needed to analyze all the data collected in order to improve services and optimize the management of energy resources.

In short, perhaps we are seeing a trend in the search for AI-based solutions to accelerate the transition to sustainable energy models, something that is necessary to analyze the volume of data produced in large cities and to be able to generate responses in line with the consumption patterns of the inhabitants and their future needs.

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How curious it is to think that we are already in that future of what we have all imagined, whether or not you agree with this transition. But it is inevitable, time is running out and we humans have to adapt. Artificial intelligence is very essential, for the common good, I pray to heaven that all countries take this example.

I loved this post, besides being a topic I have heard discussed a lot. Thanks for sharing it my friend.

Greetings friend, certainly that future is very close, and many countries have the goal of achieving the decarbonization of its electricity system, hopefully with many others join this initiative for the good of the planet. Thanks for reading, greetings!