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Yesterday morning I had to leave earlier than 7 am and I just squeaked out the door before it. Having to stop at 2 breweries for grain before driving across the city meant I needed a bit more time but I ended up being about my normal time. Some habits are hard to break it seems.


I picked up 3 full barrels and a partial fourth. It made strapping them down a little touchy as I was hoping to fit the other barrels on the trailer or in the empty barrel.


I ended up having a full barrel that had to get loaded to the bed of the truck with all the produce getting shifted around it. I shoveled out the other barrel and filled the partial on the trailer and topped off the others. I then drove across the city to the co-op and delivered the 174 pounds of summer squash.


Before I left I had checked the weather and seen a bunch of thunderstorms were off to the south. It worked out nicely that the cloud cover came over so I didn't need my sunglasses for most of my drive. This was the view looking south over the valley from Bigelow Gulch rd.


I had the truck parked and it took minutes for the turkeys to be perched on the edge of the barrels munching away.


I tossed a small bit into the chicks and they went right at the grain. Seems everything on the farm loves the spent brewing grain.


I dumped 4 barrels from the trailer out into the sheep pen and the 5th barrel in the truck got unloaded onto the trailer. We have people who would like some grain but I texted them yesterday and got no reply so I may have to dump it in the yard for the birds if I don't hear from them.


While picking squash for the day I saw this grasshopper hanging out on my grapes. It was rather docile and let me get quite close with my phone to get the shots.


I found 2 more squash that I am saving for seed. This gives me 6 so far which is half of the varieties I am growing. These 6 are the most important save a couple others that I am still to find a saver for, the Dunja and Desert.


31.5 pounds and the table dainty even had a couple to add in.


@stryeyz and the boys went to Bear Lake for the mid day. Rented the pavilion for the day and the boys friends came by. It was close with the weather though. The thunderstorms were plowing north northeast and the line of storms ran just to the west of the the farm and the lake. Lots of thunder and really dark clouds but no rain. I still made sure to get the bales covered with the pallet covers. Hands down the best thing ever for covering round bales.


I had to do some reconstruction on the hay cage as the sheep had beat the pallet chunks up. I screwed the boards back and cut new twine ties and put it all back together.


The cucumbers gave me 17 for the day and I had to pull them out of the bag for the picture as I forgot.


They had been at the lake for half an hour maybe when R got stung on his finger so I drove some Benadryl cream up to them. As I pulled out of the driveway onto our road I looked ahead of me and saw 2 coyote, mid day, standing on the road by the creek. They both bolted into the brush on the other side of the creek from the house. I made a bee line home and on my way in I saw one of them in the neighbor's yard still. I went and got my gun and sat on the edge of the hill overlooking the creek for a while but did not see them.

In my trudge to sit I realized how overgrown the trees are and I have very limited field of view. I took my Swedish brush axe and limbed up all the saplings which now gives a much clearer line of sight to the y in the creek.


These are both dramatically clearer views.


I was checking on the chicks and pulled one out for R to hold. Trying to get him to understand "gentle" and holding the birds so as not to injure them. The turkeys are all super chill, from chick on up to adult they are all mellow.


In the afternoon we all went for a walk up top as the back side of the storms flew past. I got a bit under a mile in the walk but had oodles of steps for the day.


I got a small fire going in the fire pit and grilled burgers for our dinner.


We made it out to soak on the early side but ended up staying up way too late.


Woke up to rain this morning from a small system that passed over at dawn. I have harvests to get to today, my laundry needs washing, I have to pick beans, and try to get some cleaning in the house done.

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