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The garden is plugging along rather consistently now. The weather is doing the same with the high 90F to low 100sF for the foreseeable future.


The squash had 22 pounds ready with a full selection of the varieties I am growing this year.


The cucumbers are going off! I got a nice full load of 45 which is my highest daily so far this year. Last year I managed a 63 day towards the end of the season but this year I have way more planted so I hope to beat last year.


My irrigation line to the pole garden REALLY needs to be buried or sleeved since I run over it pretty regularly. This has caused a crease and hole in the line. It is about a 40 foot section that is exposed but only about 15 needs to really be sleeved. That is a project for later.


The sprinkler got mounted in the middle of the cucumber row and sprays out over all the squash, kale, and some beans. I need to put a splitter on and run the second sprinkler on the end of the garden to cover the bean rows. With little rains it helps to keep the plants cleaner from the dust which inhibits the growth ability of the plant. The dust and dirts can also lead to bacteria and diseases if left on the plants.


One of the many barn spiders around the farm this year. A nice variety of colors between them all and this one is the brightest colored of them that I have seen. She is eating quite well judging by her size.


Shortly after my mile walk I got a text from procurement about my squash and I had to go sort to find out how much I could have for tomorrow. I ended up culling about 40 pounds but will have the 230 pounds on order. The sheep are always ecstatic when I lob the rejects to them.


Being the glutton for punishment I am I went out in the heat of the afternoon and weeded the lower garden. It had become quite overgrown and in dire need of clearing. AS I yanked tall weeds out and tossed them into a pile outside the fence I found a bunch of these caterpillars crawling around. I have to look them up to see what they will turn into.


I made 2 big piles outside the fence and was able to clear around the squash plants fairly well.


The corn plants are actually producing a little bit. The plants are tiny and the cobs will likely be the same but I actually have a bit of corn growing. It has never grown well with all the shade the gardens get.


The piles of weeds got piled onto a tarp and I drug it up to the sheep pen where I flipped it out into their pen and they were running for it before I could even get the gate closed.


The bumblebees love the marigolds that are blooming around the garden. There are only a few that have blooms while the bunches in the cabbage and basil rows are still working on producing flowers.


The first tomatoes of the year were ripe and we had them sliced with dinner. The plants seem to be producing a bit better than prior years since I did some good trimming to them a while back. There is still a bunch of suckers that I need to trim up to hopefully keep the growth going where I want it.


I finally potted up my little citrus plants. My lime is even trying to fruit and has a couple little nubs going. I also potted up one of the avocado that had only about half the pot of soil. Now the problem is the plants don't all fit on my stand... Which will be a bit of an issue when it comes time to move everything back inside for the winter. I have a little while to work on it though.


The banty eggs are pretty crazy how small they are compared to the rangers.


The group was quite talkative and the girls were all chirping away at me while the one was "cushed" awaiting a mounting. Silly turkeys. My tom refused to gobble at me though, punk.


Despite my best efforts I am still getting a flare of eczema on my feet. I think it is from sweat and tromping through all the grasses and brush which then stays in my shoes. I have to wash my shoes this weekend to see if it will help. For now I am having to go back to using Elidel to try and knock it back.


Today the boys have swim lessons, I have harvests, I'm going to call about getting more hay, I have to prep the 11 boxes of squash for delivery tomorrow morning, keep weeding the gardens, and I want to rebuild the washers pit.

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Your tomatoes came in the same time as mine. I had tomato sandwiches for lunch on Tuesday and Wednesday.

My husband bought what was supposed to be Stupice tomato plants. We've harvested just a few, and they are so tiny, I'm not sure they really are Stupice. They look more like a large cherry tomato.