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Woke to a bit of rain from a passing storm. It was enough to get some run off from the roof and to wet the ground a little bit. I would have liked to see it rain a bit more to better wash the dirt and dust from the plant leaves.


The turkeys are all bent as I am making them wait before I fill their feeder. I let the birds out before soaking and they came running when I started to pip at them. The girls all have little problems roaming the farm.


I got out to the garden and got picking and I spent most of my day doing just that. The squash really didn't need to second tub, it just makes it easier not carrying the full tub through the garden. 23.5 pounds and I marked another squash for seeds which puts me at 7 now.


The beans have been needing to be picked again and after getting my clothes in the washer I headed out to roll the rows. The first tub of 11.25 pounds came from 6 rows which has really only 3 that are in real production. I stopped part way through to get my clothes on the line than went back and finished filling the tub.


The pole garden gave me 4.25 pounds of long beans. I ended up having a number of WAY too old beans that likely are getting saved for seed. They hide so well in the plants it can be hard to catch them all.


Next I went down the more productive bean rows and pulled 9.5 pounds and I finished the row right as @stryeyz had lunch ready. I still have 2 rows to pick today but that will get me caught up with the beans for now.


The cucumbers gave me 15 for the day and are falling into some consistency. I have about 30 sold for Tuesday so far.


My poor pepper plant was spending all its energy growing a pair of peppers and putting zero energy to growing the plant. I pulled the peppers from it to give it a chance to actually get bigger to better support growing more peppers. They are golden Cali wonders and just have a tinge of color to them. Hopefully they will turn on the counter.


I also popped off one Anaheim that has started to turn a little red on the tip. For the day I got 56.5 pounds of produce picked.


About 3:30 we went for our mile walk around the property then once back I got the fire going in the pit and then grilled beefallo burgers for dinner.


@stryeyz had filled the hummingbird feeders and had some left over which was more than enough for the quart jar for the bees. The last bit I poured into the can and set it at the entrance of the hive.


Soaked until dark then I got the birds put to bed. They were a bit easier than some nights.


Today I have to get weeds pulled in the gardens, cleaning done, organizing the yard, work on the car port, and check for squash I need to cull.

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I have squash envy! I have yet to harvest any, but they are getting close. I really planted mine ridiculously later. Thanks to @generikat, I have had some zucchini to eat,though.

I have pepper envy

This day last year I had already picked 1356 lbs of summer squash, This year I only have picked 610 lbs. It is crazy how different these two years are.

That really is quite the contrast!

If you let any of those Anaheim peppers go to seed I would buy some viable seeds from you..

They are open pollinated so won't 100% Anaheim. I have ancho and jalapeno seeds from last year right now.

No jalapeños are to hot for me

I picked the last of the green beans today and will be pulling the plants up soon. Also got 5 artichokes. Yum!

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That's a nice harvest! And you live here in the woods? damn!

@lackofcolor, check this out. Isn't this just life?!

One day... 😏