Seed Harvesting, Climbing Arborists and a very sticky Job

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As a climbing arborist, it's part of my job to climb up trees and harvest the cones to collect their seeds.
This year, I participated in harvesting the cones of Douglas Firs.


During that time, the trees produce a lot of resin. The cones dripping, and the resin goes everywhere. We use sunflower or olive oil, or any other common oil, to not get stuck and stick on everything. The fragrance of the pines is wonderful. But after some days you get a bit overloaded, as resin contains turpentine. The tree's resin is a typical protection of conifers.


How do we know that the seeds are ripe?
It is a matter of practise. And actually we harvest the cones right before they fully ripe and fall off the tree by themselves. The first couple of times, your skilled climbing buddies are the best teachers. After a while, you will be able to identify which cones are worth enough to climb up a tree. To check the cones if they carry seeds, you have to open them. You can choose, do it when you're back on the ground, or you can do it when you're still in the tree top. The first choice is the saver one, as handling a sharp knife next to your ropes while you're hanging in them isn't.


How do we climb up a tree?
First we throw or shoot via slingshot our throw line up a tree into a safe branch or fork. Afterwards, we attach our climbing rope to the throw line and pull it all the way up, anchor it on the tree's trunk and make sure that it is safe to climb up. You can hang and jump on the rope's first meter while observing the point of the rope's turning point. That gives us the first couple of meters. Maybe 30 meters is doable. We have to climb up the rest, supported by our safety lanyards. Almost at the tip of the tree, we anchor another time and use a second system to abseil or climb up again. But I'll deepen into that another time.
Back to the topic.


What do we harvest the seeds for?
It's part of the reproduction, to grow trees and have, unfortunately most of the time, monoculture forests for wood production. But the forestry is already going another direction. A good-for-the-nature and sustainable direction of biodiversity, and leave nature to the nature.
To add one thing about laws:
Forest Reproductive Material Law.
The purpose of the law is to protect the forest with its many manifold positive effects through the provision of high-quality and identity-secured forestal reproductive material in its genetic diversity and to improve, as well, to promote forestry and its productivity.


And why do we climb up a tree to collect the cones instead of waiting until they fall off by themselves and collect them from the ground?
Well, simply because, ones the cones fall off, touch the ground and get a little moisture, they are on their way to germinate. That would be the natural way which happens also, because we can't collect every single cone from a tree, and we can't climb up every single tree in a population.


Check out the video below

From top to the tip

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I am in awe of the breathtaking views and struggling to imagine the scent of the green gracing my screen as much as I am afraid of heights! You are doing such an amazing job as seeds are all we are tasked to keep for the incoming generation as well as helping with matters of climate change.

That's a good description of your sensations and feelings. Amazing!
Yes, for our incoming generation ✊🏽
Thanks for stopping by


Ciao dear friends, and I love your post! My experience of @threespeak has only been in posting directly through - rather than embedding a video.... I hope you can figure it out and look forward to seeing more that you share 🤩

Aloha friend and happy to hear.
We will experiment more with 3speak and see how people respond to our question.
Also, we do our best and keep developing on Hive. But in our case it takes time, as we are quite beginners on Hive and can't live on Hive yet (or having an extra income to focus more) because our jobs, hobbies and studies require a lot of time and devotion.

Thank you 🙂🙏


I hear you! It can be a long and slow journey, getting rooted here - but slow and steady brings the greatest rewards! I have a lot of faith in Hive being the solution to the many problems with conventional social media - and a beautiful tool to support humanity moving into Gift culture and Natural Law 🥰😍 Blessings on your path!

That sounds encouraging. Slow and steady is a great strategy to me.
Thank you. And I wish you blessings, too 💚

Together we can rebuild.🌱💪 We have reshared this.🛡♻

It's always better together and best when done good for the peeps and nature. Thanks 💪🏽🌱

I love this - thank you. Yay for seeds! 🌲

Glad to hear. Thanks, too 😇

I never thought it was done by hand anywhere. 🤣 !LOLZ
To embed a YouTube video, just paste the link. I haven't figured out 3speak myself.

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That is some rather intense work that you do.
There is a need for balance in forestry.
We need the forest, but we also need the wood and materials from the forest.
I am glad to see that there are people like you who do this work to help keep balance.

Yes!! Balance is important. It comes with knowledge, sustainability and contentment.
Thank you. I really do my best 🙏🏽


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That is fascinating ... thanks for writing about this...

My pleasure. Thanks for stopping by

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Wow, that's quite the scenery! Beautiful pictures and you do beautiful work. Although it wouldn't be my cup of tea haha.
For threespeak you'd directly write the post and upload the video there.
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It's always the same about sharing my cup of tea with most people 😝
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I hope you are doing well!! 🤗


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