Cows roaming freely on the African plains

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I will post a bit more detail in coming hours. I just wanted to upload this video clip to show you all the Shape of the Cape and how a herd of cows with their calves was on my path recently.

I was on one of my clifftop hikes when I came across some random cows roaming freely without anyone monitoring them. Cows are a real source of wealth, both here in Africa and in Asia. I presume the cows and their little calves simply took themselves for a walk.

It is a beautiful thing to appreciate the cow, since it is a source of milk to feed us. In India they are considered to be respected and so are never killed. They are one of the mothers to society traditionally, and so we would never kill our mother.

You can see me wearing a mask in the video clip, which shows how concerned I was at the beginning of lockdown, following the protocol. Now, some weeks later, things have relaxed considerably here in sunny South Africa...but for how long I wonder?

Cows roaming freely like those seen in the video clip here, occurs every other day in this region. I see different herds wandering about. Usually there is a herdsman with them but not always. I presume they find their way back home.
I am currently receiving a few litres of milk directly from the herdsmen themselves every week. It’s raw milk, directly from the cows, without bottling or shops involved at all. The cows are nearby as a small herd from a local farmer.
I am feeling blessed with abundance. I know some people are vegan, and that’s good. However, I have no problem eating milk products of any sort. My digestion is fine. And the cows are a local herd, well looked after, with no mechanized influence. So no cows were harmed in my procurement of milk.

Some blood types are averse to dairy products but I am blessed with an ability to digest milk products without a problem. And actually I am receiving the milk for free. Usually it is half the price compared to retail stroe milk, but I have some kind of blessing from the Mother Earth and the Mother cow, so I ended up simply receiving litres of milk via a friend - for free.

Being a simple soul, with minimal cash, I am happy to accept any donations. As long as no harm is done to any of the life forms involved. So I use the milk to survive. Beggars can't be choosers here in my third world babaji ashram. Non-violence or "ahimsa" in Sanskrit, is my priority, so I refrain from killing or eating animal flesh, but the milk is accepted in the Babaji culture.

Traditionally the cows were protected and never harmed or killed at all, and although not fully implemented here in wild Africa, still I have found some cows that are protected. As for those I saw wandering freely and unmonitored on today's hike, they seem to be temporarily out to lunch. They don't seem scared of me, so are quite people-friendly.

We can live a very peaceful life without harming any sentient life forms, particularly mammals, who are like our family. Having been vegetarian for 30 years, or most of my life, I feel happier and healthier, as well as clear of conscience. I don't have the heart to take a life for my food or pleasure. It's murder if you ask me, but I'm a nobody of importance. I plan to live a long time, and a meatless diet will hugely facilitate that. These cows that I met today on my hike will live long too, because I will not be eating them. In this way a peaceful and healthy life is possible for all sentient beings.

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