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RE: ecoTrain QOTW: LIVING Robots are here, they're called Xenobots and it's Unbelievable. Discover what they are and tell us if this excites you or terrifies you?

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Fascinating concept since the Vedic tradition says that life comes from life, which is what seems to have happened here. Scientists took live cells and manged to keep them alive as a new hybrid entity. Others may think that scientists have created life but that is not the case.

As to whether it is ethical, or healthy or valuable...that is the question. May be too early to tell practically how valuable it will be for medicine or solving problems. And the ethical implications can be debated too. I mean if this works as it does, then how much further will science be willing to take it? What other kinds of living entities will they try to hybridize in the lab?


thanks for your inputs! yes.. how far will they go. . indeed! combine this with a bit of genetic engineering and bobs your uncle.. anything is possible!..