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------ ECOTRAIN : QOTW ; Stress Bursting -------


This is my very first attemp to Ecotrain QOTW. The topic for the current week is Stress Bursting. So the theme is related to mental health of oneself.

Last year everyone living on this beautiful planet witnessed one of the toughest times of their life in the name of dangerous Virus known as Corona Virus ( Covid-19 ).
It was and it is indeed a time we all would never want to see again in our life.

I would share my personal experience that happened with me and my family during this Pandemic situation and i would also tell how I managed to fight the most toughest time of my life.

Last year on March 22nd , me and my cousin went to my Grandmother,s village to visit her. I live in delhi and it takes around one day to reach my grandma's house who lives 1000 km away approx from my location. So as soon as we reached the Railway station of Gaya ( The city where my Grandma lives ) we saw that there was no vehicle to travel on and we were left all alone at the station.

So we called our brother who was living in the city who then came with his car to pick us up and then we travelled to our grandma's house. we reached and took rest for that day and at night we saw a news on the T.V that tells us about the entire nation will see a lockdown for next week.



Our returning tickets back to our hometown was also after one week and theirfore after listening to this news it was clear that we are now stuck in our grandma's village. We were not stressed at all as we thought of going back after a one week is over and lockdown is removed.


Then after a week was over we heard of lockdown being extended for 14 more days and this thing continued to follow for next two months. lockdown was extending everytime it was about to get over and me and my cousins were stuck for approx 3 months with our grandma.

Our work , our studies , our daily life was disturbe but we had no choice. In the month of June we were able to get back to our cities following the guidelines that were told to us by the governmebt of India.
So I have described my situation in short and now we will talk about what was the thing me and my cousin use to do to avoid stress and maintain a good mental health.

How do we managed to fight this tough Situation

I am a religious person and follow religion to the fullest so my regular routine always include readinh Namaz and Quran and i have been doing this for a long time now so here are the things and activities i did during the lockdown to maintain my mental health.

Remembering God : Reading Namaz and Quran



Reading Namaz and Quran brings a inner relaxation to my heart and be it any religion i would ask you to recite your holy books and remember god. Pray to him regularly and you will really feel relaxed for sure.

I use to read Namaz five times a day and i read Quran one or two times a day. I watch some religious videos that teach us how to stay calm and relaxed by different religious leaders as well.

Wake up Early : Exercise Regularly



I usually wake up late but in lockdown one of the good practice i learned was to wake up early in the morning. I use to do regular excercise during the day specially and sometimes in the evening as well.

I didn't use to do weight lifting but only basic excercies like pushups , stretching , jogging etc. we use to climb the trees early in the morning and that use to be a lot of fun as well.

Exploring the Village



As we were free all day long we use to get out and explore the village area for hours. we use to see common people performing village activities in their farm and it was really beautiful to see all that.

We use to go to the river side and sit there and talk about if this is more beautiful life than our normal city day to day life. I am writing this post from my city but i really would say that yes that was not the bad but indeed one of the good times of my life when i was in village for approx 2-3 months.

Seeing Stars and Sky at Night



This one is the best thing i use to do in the entire 24 hours. I use to wait for the night to come so that i could see the beautiful sky with moon and stars.

In cities the sky is not clearly visible due to pollution and thats why for me looking at these stars and moon was really a beautiful feeling. when i use to see the stars i use to forgot everything and feel the beauty of this universe.

I really never thought in my life that i will be observing the nature so seriously but time took me to this thing and i am happy and i believe that i will surely go again to my grandma's house not only just to meet her but to feel the beauty of village.

------ CONCLUSION ------

So at the end of this post i would like to conclude one thing to all the reader here. I know this is indeed a toughest time of our life but we can't do anything rather than facing it and fighting it.

Spend time with your families , remember god and pray t him , if you are living near a village feel the beauty of it , just observe the little insects around and you ll feel better.

Thats all from my side for this post , I hope it was a informative and interesting to read here.

Thank You Everyone...!!!


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Thank you for this beautiful post! The response this week was... INCREDIBLE! Please do come and check out the tie up post which this week has all our points listed in bullet point style for quick and easy reading! Can you find your stress busting points in the list?! :)

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