Absorb yourself in the truth.

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We keep saying we want people around us to be sincere with us , we talk so much about how we really dislike it when someone is not honest with us, we often complain of how we hate it when we are surrounded with people that cannot tell us the truth , we often complain of how people see us trying to make mistakes and they still refuse to tell us ,we keep talking about how loyalty is missing and how we want to be alone because of that..

The question is are you really sure you really know what you want ? Do you truly want to hear the truth? Will you appreciate the truth when you are told?

When that young man or woman decide to come and meet you and tell you that you are someone who lacks vision , how will you react to it? Do you Take it as a constructive criticism and accept is as a challenge and prove to the person that you do not lack vision ?? Or you start fighting with the person because they told you the truth about what they think about you?

You cannot keep saying you want the truth yet you still get mad whenever someone decided to tell you what they think about you.

You want them to be honest with you ,so you should at least appreciate their honesty and be willing to give listening ears to advices and opinions too.

Many people are in similar situations too , they keep claiming they like it when people are honest with them yet they still get angry if you become honest with them and tell them the truth which might not be the exact thing they were hoping to hear in order to massage their ego.

You need to surely know what you want, do you truly want honest individuals or you just want people that will help you to continuously massage your ego and tell you only the things you want to hear , you cannot keep lying to yourself about what you reallty want, you need to be very honest with yourself and pick a side already.

But if I am to personally offer an advice to you , I will advice you to be sure to pick the side that do embrace the opinions and truth.. the side that is willing and ready to work on their own flaws , the side that is truly ready to appreciate the constructive criticism , the side that is truly open minded towards the truth.

No matter what experiences you go through in life and whatever events occurs in your life , always make sure you are always in support of TRUTH no matter what happens.

Let truth be your major guideline to live your life ..let the truth be your watchword ..let your integrity be what speaks for you.

When people see you, let them see truth written over your life, let them see a person that is not filled with doubts..let them see a person they can always trust.