Finding food in the mountains with my family

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Showcasing a little of our region we go in search of a restaurant where I share my thoughts on contact tracing, the way in which you are now being tracked by your mobile phone, all in the name of your own safety of course. I also hand out a tip relating to sugar which is no longer on my naughty list! Thanks @sebcam



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Hey @auelitairene

Many thanks for the vote again! I enjoy knowing that you are here with me following this journey :)

Lovely video, lovely family, lovely food garden: thanks Sam for sharing all of them!
!tip & !BEER

Hey buddy! Thanks.

You know how much I love sharing all the fun we are having ;)

Yes, and you do it wonderfully well, @samstonehill!
Could you recommend me an effective and simple Android app to edit videos from smartphones? 🤔

Wonderful video. Feels like we're right along with you eating and traveling around the really beautiful countryside there. Websites are often times deceptive but good that you just accepted it and moved on :) Nice way to live your life!

Every day we are tested in some way because the world does not deliver what we are expecting. This we can expect! But I think the most important lesson in life is learning to not let our personal expectations deflate the positive potential in a situation. I see the kids playing out this lesson all the time on a smaller scale and for now their happiness is still tied to getting their way! But if I keep on demonstrating how it works, in time they will get it ;)

Ah yes consistency is the key indeed! No expectations bring joy.

Hey Naveen made it here 🍑

Where's Naveen?

He added you in follow , neo , same profil pic than his FB

Ah! Matrix boy. Got it ;)

Beautiful have fun and keep smiling!

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Thank you my friend. You can be sure I will ;)

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