17 September diary game

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Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah. How are you my best friends, I hope you are well.Today I came back today to share with you some diary games of 17 September, today my topic is some life of rural Bengali people, I will share it with you.


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The first belief in the discussion today is the straw china that people preserve for the paddy season. After harvesting the paddy, the straw is dried in the sun and used by the people for boiling the paddy and stored in the house. It is used for feeding cows and buffaloes. But the save key can be used for a long time if it is saved through direct scene. This straw is stored neatly and many people use it on the roof of the house. Then the second topic of my discussion is the bamboo bridge, this bridge is usually built by people on the canal.


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People mainly use bamboo to build this bridge. Sometimes people make bridges with betel trees, but the main component of the bridges is bamboo. People from one end of the canal travel to the other end using the bridge. It is not possible to cross heavy goods or cows and buffaloes. It is only used for human travel. However, it is very dangerous for small children and women. In order to cross this bridge, people have to carefully cross the railing of the house next to it carefully and if there is any mistake, there is a possibility of people going inside the canal. Another thing is that if people are not careful during the worship of bamboo poles, the removal of water from the canal by obstructing the removal of dirt or other clots with this coat can lead to waterlogging, so it has to be made with care.


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But the people of the city do not get any opportunity to use it, only the people of the village can use it, it is a pleasure to use it. Which only those who use this bridge understand. Usually in the dry season when the water of the canal is very low, people bury bamboo poles and tie bamboo in the middle of it to make it. My third picture today is that Dhanicha tree is cultivated by a few people in certain places, sometimes it is cultivated in Uchhu and sometimes in Nishu. Basically people cultivate this coriander for fuel wood.


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This coriander tree grows a lot in a short time so people cultivate it from which a lot of fuel wood can be collected in a few days. This tree helps a lot in lighting fires but there is another benefit that people collect a kind of pulse seeds from this tree. Edal has a special quality that people cook and eat, so many people cultivate this coriander. I have shared it with you so far. I hope you will like it. I wish you all good health. I bid you farewell here. Allah Hafez.

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