Let's Heal Earth

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There are plenty of burdens in my mind, neck-breaking ones. I am not a perfect being but I wished everyone's heart was as mine or better than mine.
There's a lot of suffering on planet earth ranging from natural disasters beyond human control to crises that we can control.
There's so much death around from circumstances like hunger, sickness, war, etc.

The natural ones can be considered because we might not be able to have full control over them, or before helping, hands can be given a lot of lives and properties can be destroyed.
Yet the most annoying circumstances happening around the world are the ones we can have control over yet we can't give helping hands to.

Every year the world's record for food scarcity and death resulting from hunger is alarming
What causes this hunger? If we were given a whole day we would have mentioned tons of things like lack of farmlands and materials for growing food and cash crops, poverty, natural disaster, climate changes, and inequality while distributing food and palliative, income, etc.

Out of all those above-mentioned causes of hunger some can be solved by some individuals.



Life is hard for some people out there, the economy today is not one that the low-class set of people can survive with. Theres is so much struggle to find food every day, especially in the circle of the young ones. That is why most of them go into illegal businesses just to make a living.
The government is no more looking at its people. The aim of getting to a leadership position these days in some countries is just for money, power, and fame.

Leaders are embezzling government funds. Some are storing them in graves, tanks, and other strange places where might be no access. They use this money to better their lives and their families. They live in luxury and waste time. They send their children to the best schools and get the best things in life yet so many are dying out of hunger around their environment.

Most times this hidden money is being forgotten and they all get bad and spoilt and out of use but if those funds were shared equally with the hungry masses.

People are killing their fellow human beings must to make money and survive. Not to even talk about war, nation against the nation where a whole lot of death takes place.

All I am trying to say is that earth is suffering, people are wailing, and children are suffering but also people are enjoying and spending lavishly on things that are not necessary.
This money can go a long way in feeding the poor masses and starting up businesses for the unemployed.

I think the earth will be better if we all together have one mindset of lifting others, healing others, and helping others.
I have plans for the future most especially with displaced kids and orphans. I hate seeing children suffering, and that is why I try to help out in one way or the other I can.
I would love to give this set of children a more meaningful life, the way other children are enjoying it as well.

Micheal Jackson of Blessed memory said the world will be a better space If we get up and heal it for not just ourselves but the entire human race.

Let's join hands and heal our little mother earth
We can only rise by lifting others.


Kai ..this is lovely ...I know passion when I see one this is born from a pure heart... I love your write up I felt like crying reading them...God bless you for this light....cause I myself have decided to become a big time philanthropist .....

Cause if you check reality, every body one day will leave this planet n when we all do what will stand immortal for us can our name be written in the sands of time for generations or we can be for gotten in just few weeks n months then everyone goes back to were they left off

This post makes my day ND I'm super excited I came across works like this...

Please keep this zeal up
God bless you more n more.