Calm down and focus ! !

in ecoTrain8 months ago

Pausing our thoughts for a minute and focusing on what we really are thinking is a great practice. But we all don't do that. I mean I was the one who never knew we can actually take back our control over our thought process like that, so I never tried. But now I know how beneficial it is!



Thinking about any past incident? Thinking what if you didn't do that? Thinking about how the future will be if you don't take care of this or that? Worrying too much about any present issues?

Hold on there, just take a break for 30 seconds. This pausing will allow you to have a second thought about 'what you are thinking'.

It's not easy to calm ourselves down. And if you don't know how to get yourself apart from this chaotic world then this pause/break practice is best for you. It's like holding a barrier in front of you from time to time so you can just take a look at how you are doing. This gives a better understanding of what we need to do.

Thoughts are flawless and it swaps away our focus from life. Sometimes we even lose control over our lives because of our uncontrolled thought process. But when you decide to just calm down, take a break it gives you the power back; which is much needed to keep your focus.

It's very natural to drive away by our impulses and surroundings. But if you allow yourself to flow with that, you will eventually lose everything. Calm yourself down, take a moment to understand your surroundings and what's going inside your mind, and then focus on your present/what you need to do.


Several times a day I find myself thinking about too many things at the same time and not being able to get a clear picture of the big picture. I will put your technique into practice, thank you!