Thank you for this awesome post! I look forward to meeting you all in person

As we do you!


Wow!! I can't wait to hang with ALL you wonderful souls ♥️

This is going to be a whole lot of awsomeness music at that block party 😜 amazing. Something for everyone.
Will YOU do anything yourself boss?
Sing, rap?
Wish I lived in USA, it's where it all happens... Lol

Again you kicked butt on making People come and join in for a crazy fun cause. 🤗❤️

Will be totally fun, lots of faces seeing real faces and connecting what only the physical world can! Wish you did too. 🤗💖

Best thing ever, RL connection, RL hugs 🤗🍑🤗 my biggest wish

As for me doing anything? I suppose if the mood hits right and the music grabs my soul I might. 😁

YEAH!!! Trenton Lundy! Now this is turning into some kind of Hive-a-palooza!

Ha ha, be the best musical event Hive has ever witnessed!

Fantastic news!
I'm really looking forward to flying over from the UK!!!
And I might even play a few of my songs too!

Just a few? 😂 Gonna be wikkid awesome my dude!


Man, it is really building up to be something!

Most def! We got some serious plans yet!

Looking forward to this, for sure.

You gonna love it man!


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