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Probably more famous for being that lunatic that was electrocuted and supposedly discovered electricity in the process, Benjamin Franklin was also the first ever postmaster general to oversee the United Colonies' parcel and letter delivery services. The 2nd Continental Congress created what is now the US Postal Service 246 years ago today. Could you imagine what life would be like without a post office? Where would you mail your packages? Oh, wait, we have UPS and Fedex. But, what about letters? Hold up, do you have to pay postage on emails? What is this 'instant messaging' thing anyway? The internet is so slow. I need a vampire. They're like, crazy fast.

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You used to be able to mail your kids too.


And, I know a couple who have chickens mailed to them.

Lol only for 1 mile ride to his grandpa's house relax

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$50 insurance back then sounds like a lot. Postman was like Uber back then.

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Why is Biden talking about moon men, aliens being here , and why people think he and democrats drink child blood all in the same day?

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