We all admire your resilience and tenacity my friend.
Can't wait to send over our very own @iamdarrenclaxton to perform his country vibes for you all.
Stay strong and keep building dreams!

For me, the Grand Ole Opry or the Escape Game sound most interesting, but I'm up for anything!

Escape game would be interesting and believe it or not, long as I've been here, never been to the Opry!

that's wild you've never been a matter of fact, even with all my travels...never been to Nashville....definitely a bucket list spot for me for sure. But like I said, I'm down for anything

Wish I could be there, but my schedule is beyond booked. I’ll be there in spirit for you brother. Pour me an Iced Tea no extra sour though.🍹

Ha ha! You got it man.

Never Give Up! ✌️❤️✊️🎶

You’re amazing, @enginewitty! After everything you’ve been through, you’re still committed the pulling this off! Incredible.

Anything (and everything) bluegrass!!

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Wow, the emphasis on cancer survivors (and home fire survivors!). @enginewitty - you know HOW MUCH me and @crypt-skip have been wanting to attend a block party and we are really hyped for this one. But it may not be possible. My mom was just diagnosed with a recurrence of her lung cancer (which she beat 5 years ago) and it is the fast growing small cell cancer that has already spread to her liver. She's in stage 4 already and the doctors have only given her 1 - 2 months. So..... may not make the party. But you never know about these things.

I dropped by to see if there was any update from you as your absence from Hive has been noticed @blueeyes8960

I am saddened to read and learn about your dear mother's cancer returning.💔

Praying for your mom, you and your family...


Thank you so much @ninahaskin, I'm around, but just not active right now. Mom is doing much better, but it's not a cure, just a prolonging of her life, which is a blessing as long as she is feeling ok.

I appreciate your concern, didn't know anyone had noticed!