The Mind's Eye - Discontinued

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So What's Next?

The lack of participation in 'The Mind's Eye' has forced us to reconsider our community support options. It was fun though, right? Maybe we'll simply curate our tag or come up with a different contest, who knows? 2021 brings changes, it only seems fitting. Any suggestions? Stay tuned!

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Wao, this is really sad news for me, because #themindseye had become a very appreciated initiative for me. However, I understand why the decision was made and I want to tell you that it was an honor and pleasure for me to have been an active participant and also a promoter even though many people have not come close to this wonderful community.
Thealliance will continue to be my home, because you already have a special piece of me 💖. They are wonderful people who give support and love and that is highly valued by me.
I send them a big hug, I was preparing my entrance of this week because I just came back from a trip. A hug for you and my best wishes for the new year bringing the best things and projects. I always say with you, you are already part of my affections! 😊🤗😙💖

I feel very sad with these news! I had a lot of fun participating while it lasted, I wish you luck in future projects and I hope to be able to support this community!

Omg... I was about starting it....

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OMG There was writing my first entry, as the subject is too interesting.

And well I wanted to fulfill the invitation that my friend @marybellrg made me and enjoy this interesting contest.

I will be attentive if you create a new one to start from the beginning and not lose any.

Thank you very much 🤗😉 @thealliance

I'll be on the lookout for you, dear @soyunasantacruz. A hug back!🤗😙