Resin Printing a Vampire Figurine

in 3D Printing4 months ago

Hi! I wanted to share this little 3D printing project I just finished. It's a 3D model for a figurine that I printed for someone. This one is 1:18 scale, which is quite a bit bigger than most of my miniatures.

I was printing this guy



I managed to divide him into parts, squeeze everything into my small resin printer and print it in one go.

Well I had to print him two times, because the first print kind of failed.

changing layer exposure time mid print .jpg

My first test print had this ugly line going through the base and the body of the character. The line is there because I got impatient, and started to mess with my printing speed settings mid print. Well at least now I (and you) know why you should leave you printer alone when its doing it's work. Being a control freak is bad, go look outside the window or something.


The second print went much better, I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I like how light illuminates his wings when you hold him against the light 😀
I really enjoyed printing this guy, especially since I don't get to print bigger things like this one very often.

I hope that you enjoyed that.
Thank you for your time!


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La verdad que es una pieza buenisima, me encantan ver estos trabajos en resina porque se por si me gustan las cosas pequeñas con muchos detalles. ¿Cuanto tardaste en imprimirlo?

Gracias Nitsuga12. Te lo agradezco mucho. Me gusta imprimir cosas pequeñas y detalladas, pero me encantaría tener acceso a una impresora más grande también. Este me ha llevado unas 10 horas.

cool mini!

Thanks mate, this one was pretty big compared to my previous models, but I managed to fit it all in Elegoo Mars and print it in one go (barely). It was fun though I'd like to print some more bigger models like this one.