A Silly Sandwich that looks like BOOOBIES and an Announcement!

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Well hello there, do you come here often? I'm happy to do my own thing but very happy on some of the communities and groups I've chosen to commit to. It feels like marriage! I'm joking ;)

I was feeling sick yesterday and had a couple days of a stomach bug probably due to eating something undercooked but anyhows my partner in life @reverendrum made me a sammich I joke about. I say only hipsters in Brooklyn love Avocado toast on fancy bread with an egg or something on top. We garden and grow yummies and he surprised me with adding a tomato on top that we grew ourselves. He is a very good dude , I love him a ton and think it was funny to make the funny sammich for me. It was kickass tasty and he added just the right amount of sea salt and pepper on it! of course I took pics...


  • behold the fancy photography I did, notice they look like boobs? maybe it's just me......I'll pretend they are cartoon googly eyes! I'm sure there is some sort of Freudian explanation.


Enough of the food pr0n, I'm here to announce I'm starting an initiative to curate the @ladiesofhive or LOH posts on my own accord. There are a TON of good things going on by women like @hetty-rowan @silversaver888 @jaynie @melinda010100 @brittandjosie and @thekittygirl etc....I can't list them all but a ton are working together on a lot of contests and initiatives to make Hive both fun and profitable. These can be tough times but the proverbial saying of "the rising tide lifts all Yachts" is true!

Okay so this is a little far fetched but whatever! Hell, I'm happy to have a Kayak and that's that....be on the lookout for the curation post am trying to save up vp power but think that there will be some 'Crew' love on this Curation project so hop aboard and grab a drink with us! AHOY

In case ya' don't know I got another side.......a darker side cause I'm a Gemini! Check out my BlackSheepBloggers Community if you feel like being with the PUNKS. That's right, I have a side gig or 10 that all tie in together because making WIN/WIN scenarios can benefit all.

https://peakd.com/c/hive-122683/created <<<<<<BlackSheepBloggers



  • giphy me and accurate hair color and bod by @inertia Cheers :)

OH WAIT, I forgot to remind people that Mondays are my usual PALNET showtime for "Under the Influence" which I've been extremely happy with the attendance and guests such as @raymondspeaks founder of @mancave and @fyrstikken and the always enchanting @elgeko!

The Show is 7-8 P.M. EST and is very naughty and off the cuff, if you are a snowflake don't come as my show will melt you.



I don't have to pretend... all I see is a pair of beautiful eyes!

hey undy and lol right? I see boobies but I have a naughty mind oh noes

I'm just here to say that my vote actually amounted to something measurable. I saw the ticker go up a penny. Very impressed with myself.

Also, you always are the cleverest girl. Loving the booby sandwich and the "under the influence" thingy.

YAY and thank you! I do like to think I am not a robotic potato brain and yay, a lot can't even do a penny so I don't take votes for granted it's just that when I curate I notice whole swaths of new GOOD users making literally nothing and try to at least give little uv's to some and then wonder why more are not and then complain about Hive's onboarding , sort of seems obvious that when you support a mere dolphin then they would be able to support others of ALL levels on MERIT and help raise some up.
It makes no sense to complain about the price and hustle all day yet NOT support people who support others, am just echoing what a LOT have told me. The whales have their faves and it's their money so whatever but if some are out of touch as to some issues that some of us are trying to HELP ON maybe they can take two seconds to show some gratitude to the users who vote their witnesses and so forth....just a thought ;)
thanks fellow clever one

Lucky Gal, If it were perfectly seasoned then I would disregard the Freudian argument and love him till death death do part. If it was salsa, ketchup or Frank's Hot sauce I'd keep an un-patched eye on him.... just my own Pirate opinion of course. ☠️

lulz pirate sammiches, actually a good idea
yarrrrr thar be avocados and gluten, walkin the plank

You are a kickass lady and I'm very proud to call you my friend. Great initiative, and you have all my support. Let's go kick some asses... Lurve ya!

lurve ya too and you too are a kickass lady, fellow Leo Ascendent, gooood things coming, there are always growing pains and such but feel like things can be amped up , like turn the sound to 11

I'm totally there with you ...

🤣🤣🤣 ohs noes!!! 🤣🤣🤣

bad memories, my grandmother said once, in front of me,
"I always told my girls wear your bra so they don't end up like 2 fried eggs"

Ah, so there it happened that your ... let's just say, fascination with that arose.


@hooglyeyes beat me to it but indeed that would make a great entry to googly world hahaha so thanks reverendrum for thinking boobie-eyes , and let’s try to turn the kayak in to a cruiseship 😉 thanks for the curation I will do the same , as the saying goes ladies first

wait, there's a googly world wtf? I miss all the smarty pants fun arse groups, that's hilarious. YES we will kayak to the ship and am going to do my best to try not to put my foot in my mouth too much as well all lambo up, lol, thanks for the comment

Fun sandwich! So glad to be in LOH with you.

same and lol yes, it was really good. My hope is to see Hive onboard more users and hopefully finally one day in 5 years hit rep 70 ;) thanks for the support

I have quit watching my rep number! It takes fricken forever for it to move.

lol yeah , honestly you can just buy it pretty much anyhow so it stopped being as relevant when Steemit started really going down hill imho so 69 forever, lol on the number

69 isn't that bad with a naughty mind ... LOL

lol, I'm totally fine with that :P

I can't say that I'm surprised ... Lol.


Excellent. Btw, it was the boobies in the title that brought me here lol

yeah there's my big hook line there...... to the moon or like sorta like kinda just rotating our orbit like some type of broken off part of the ISS :P

Smart girl !

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smart quah is smart

DeFinitely a sunny side up egg on top. Looks delicious and sounds healthy for you too. Only thing needed is picante sauce, lol. Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear you had a stomach bug. Feel better soon.

thanks, yeahhhh I just love it when a dude can actually make tasty food and yeahhhh picante would be good on that for sure :) thanks for swingin by

awesome, hoping to have time to at least start on it today, may be into next week before the first one 'launches' but thanks for founding this whole LOH world :)

I see googly eye cartoon boobs- and I love them! the sanga's that is...lol...

So, you're starting up a curation trail just for the LOH eh...Hmmm interesting...

Well I'm in- if I've got enough moula that is, seems I had such a good time on #HivePuD day voting for everyone, I'm still trying to catch up....

And since I'm a Scorpi with an Aries and Picses rising..or something...and turn snowflakes into water good enough for a steaming supa dupa hot chocolate, I'm def on board to see your show...Might take me back to the good old days when I also lived under the influence haaaa...🤣😂😅

no , not a curation trail, let me rephrase, not a trail, it's going to be just a curation initiative that I'm hoping others help with, want to clarify that :)
oooh nice, I like Scorpios, they have claws AND stingers! ;) thanks for stopping by

Well cool, let me know if I can help in anyway...

Yeah, my claws and stinger don't come out too often... I'm a pretty mellow scorpi- sort of....well on here I am anyway...not so much my FB page...lol...

I say only hipsters in Brooklyn love Avocado toast on fancy bread with an egg or something on top.

WRONG :) I love love love avocado sandwich, preferably WITH egg. The difference is, that I usually slice the avocado, then add baby spinach and top it off with a poached or baked egg, whatever I feel like that day lol, but the egg yolk needs to be soft over here ;)

It's a shame the avocados are shitty as F lately over here. So for now, it's a lucky day when I find one that's not overripe or rotten.

Nice initiative coming I'd say, make it happen :)

thanks and lulz, yeah I love me some Avocados!
yeahhhhh a lot of produce has been either not so great or gets bought up very fast at least in America. I've had luck getting huge bags of them though that are great from Costco of all places, is what it is, I'd prefer Organic but they are always rotten af like you noticed

Yes, I had to learn to love them though. Downside of them is that I saw this documentairy that there's a lot of corruption going on in avocado world. I had no idea, did you know?

Avocado and the illusion of boobies. Not a bad way to spend the day.
Especially if provide by a loved one. :)

You can't undercook avocados either, so that's a plus. Get well soon.

thanks! I'm fine, think I just ate too much of fatty foods or whatever but lol on the boobie sammich or googly eyes, guess it's how we perceive it , just thought it was funny ;)

Sounds a lot like how I feel when I eat too much snacks in one day. Which was a lot ever since quarantine. 😅

Your level of abstract perception and the ability to see unique things in ordinary objects says a lot about the creative side of your brain, or so I've heard.

It's not often a comment actually gets me in the feelz but this one did, thank YOU very much, yes I've been told that my weirdness is actually just quite an interesting 'level' in abstract thinking to be honest hence people either get me or they don't.
axey, thanks ;)

Weird people are the best kind of friends. Who wants to be normal or mainstream anyway. Never change!

Cheers 🍻