Body Maintenance Tips for Ladies

Hy Ladies and women in the house, I hope you are doing good today? how often do you check your diet combination? It’s actually good as one gets matured with age, you take diet that will supply you the essential nutrient you need for that day.

In this article, I will be sharing with you some methods I used to combine diet which has made be maintain my body shape.

The following are essential for ladies who are in the process of finding out your partner and even if you have found yours, you need to remain sexy to him. When he sees you from afar, he will be amaze because you have a nice body shape.


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Take fruits when you wake up early


Each day I wake early, after my prayers, the first thing I do is fruit diet. I can make a combination of fruit diet which may look weird. I combine oranges with water melon and apple as well. After which I proceed to the next step which is;

Exercise and fitness


To some, it maybe too early to carryout fitness activity as at the time you wake from bed. But you can get a skipping rope and skip daily.


What you are trying to do is get rid of some fats we might have taken which is the end digestion product of some foods because the body needs them too.

Watch your meal

Could there be any kind of meal you take and it doesn’t make you look cute, probably it adds your weight and make moving the body part a bit difficult, change your diet and use the balanced diet plan. It makes your body shape look nice.



This article has been able to present the steps and methods I used to maintain my body shape. You just have to do three things which includes diet watch, physical fitness and also balanced diet combination


Photo By Me


That's good. Maybe, it depends in your body type. As for me, I don't need to watch my diet 'cause I have a hard time to have fats. But you're sexy, girl. You deserve to be love no matter what.

Thanks for reading dear.

Thank you Beatrice for sharing your body maintenance tips :)