A Little Extra Sleep(Moments of extra struggle).

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I went to bed pretty late after trying so hard to help my Mum handle some goods at the market, it was an extremely draining task, my body needed rest so bad that I immediately jumped into bed when I got back home, the following morning, I had a meeting with a friend who had promised to show me some other ways to make extra income since I was really tired on spending on my struggling parents, there are other needs I wanted to get as well that would and I knew that asking my parents was not a safe option.


I instantly jumped out of bed to go see my friend even while my body was yearning for some extra sleep. I got there and I was asked to wait because he had some others to speak with, I was dozing while waiting but I knew that, even if he was my friend, standards are now different and I just had to coordinate myself appropriately.


After a few hours, he asked me to come into his office and questioned if I was really willing to help myself and my family, of course, I was more than ready to ease my Mum of the excessive routine of stress she had to go through on a daily basis whilst making little profit. Then he went ahead with the offer he had for me and it was quite an impossible one for me. I badly need money to get out of some present embarrassment, but going through this route, was just a mission impossible task for me, so I gladly declined as I walked away from his office space amidst tears.

I walked back to the market to assist my Mum, even if my mood was down the entire time, I could not bring myself to explain the reality of things to her, since I know it would completely break her. I determined to overwork my head with every little legal opportunity that presents itself, so I took on a job opportunity that came regardless of how stressful it was. I began to work for long hours every day while meeting up with meeting posts and engagement demands on this amazing platfom.


From helping my Mum to keeping up with my new job, and trying to create content over here, my body yearned for more hours of rest but I couldn't give it. I am on a path to prooving a valid point, I consistently said to myself, I want to make money to meet my needs and that of my family without going through an unpleasant route, but while it was easy to desire it was not easy to put my body through such intense stress, and for every little minute of extra sleep my body yearned for, the more effort I would give into working to make money.

Eventually, my body could no longer hold it together, I broke down, and now for every money I tried to acquire, I have spent almost all on paying medical bills, the strength to keep it all together had failed me and all I yearn for was simply moments of extra rest. Of course, I lost the job, but a great lesson was learned, never will I o overwork myself that way again, I certainly still need money, but I believe, better opportunities will come and never will I miss a good moment of some extra sleep any longer.


Such a touching story, dear please do not over work your self the body needs rest. Do the best you can that comes to your reach. Rest and refresh your memory over new strategies to make more money online. Even though it might take a little time, you will eventually find your passion and explore your world without stress.
Thanks for sharing. I wish you quicker recovery. Amen!

This means a lot to me, I appreciate it a lot, thanks Sis.

As the sole bread winner, Hive blogger/mod and night shift nurse, I am very familiar with the feeling of insufficient sleep. It's a major feat accomplished just getting out of bed. Lol!

Thanks 4 sharing @bimbo45

It really isn't easy, I hope the effort gets alligned with the earnings for me soon, that way one begins to operate on a whole different level.

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