The truth about positive affirmations.

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There are lots of motivational speakers who will regularly remind us of the need to speak positively about our lives every day, we are instructed to get up and say the things we want to achieve to ourselves over and over again as this will make it possible for us to achieve those things. My concern however is;
Do these things work constantly and regularly?
Will I get everything I want simply because of positive affirmations?


Let's discuss positive affirmation.

Positive affirmations could be described as a form of self-help strategy which helps in the promotion of self-confidence and self-belief. A lot of motivational speakers advise this as a self-help strategy because it boosts self-confidence, self-affirmation makes it possible for you to look away from inadequacies and fear of failure, it rather moves your attention toward your strength and the things you can possibly achieve.

Positive affirmations come with a lot of good for your mental health, but you need to realize that, it is no magic instrument for the achievement of immediate success or immediate healing.

The need for consistent affirmation.

In order to get the best out of positive affirmations, it has to be made a habit, repeatedly and consistently say what you want.

  • Consistently repeat these positive affirmations, focus on the words that proceed out of your mouth, and believe everything you say when you say it.

  • Ask your loved one to help you by repeating the positive affirmations, this will help you reinforce your belief.

  • Do not skip any day or any moment of positive affirmation, create a consistent pattern for it.

  • The change you seek will not happen instantly, be patient and allow it to happen.


Hard Truth.

Affirmations truly do not work for everyone, the fact that you think positively does not think that things will change instantly, it does not even mean that positive affirmation works for everyone. There are people who positively affirm every day but still have nothing changing for them.

If you positively affirm without putting in the required work needed for the attainment of success, then it will definitely be a waste of affirmation. Please note that positive affirmation will never take the place of hard and smart work.

Positive affirmations are very good and consistently required, as we need a strong force to navigate through life appropriately. It also helps sustain mental health to a great extent, going through the day with a great degree of positivism contributed by positive affirmation is significantly necessary. Thank you for reading, I appreciate your support as well.


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We need to do positive affirmations, because is good for our mental health


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And our mental strength.

It is definitely not easy to see things crumbling around you and still have the heart to believe that the best is yet to come. It takes great mental strength to not let your circumstances affect your invironment. Yet, positive affirmations activate the laws of attraction. When you believe that you deserve it, you will have it!

Very true, thanks for your time.

Thank you for sharing these. And I think one important factor is that we have to believe wholeheartedly about the affirmations we are telling ourselves and then do the work too.

Thank for reading friend @ifarmgirl, we need to believe in the affirmations and then put in the work as well.

Cheers :) Pleasure to read and yes to that, affirmations work when we do our part too :)