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And just like that, it comes to a close. The LOVELUTION REVOLUTION Challenge reaches it's conclusion today with the sad tears of goodbye.

Really? I highly doubt that.

It felt like I would never get to make this post. We all know how Nigeria is unstable with the power and going days at a time without restoring it to it's citizens. I'm just glad I woke up in time to charge my phone.

This month has definitely been one for deep connection and great realizations. If there's anytime I've felt more alive, it's this month but hold on... Let me not get ahead of myself. Let's do it the DREEM WAY ALRIGHT!

Unfortunately, I didn't do the creative banner thingy but watch out... it's better later than never. I did release my positive post though and it was haaaaaarrrrd but well worth it.

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How did this month impact you with Ecency?

I have no idea how to put it in words. You know those little things that you think can't affect your life because they are just so small but end up causing explosions in ways you never thought possible... That's how the impact with Ecency was. It's like everything I needed and more. I'm still unraveling all she (Ecency) has to offer and she's been letting me demystify her.

Did you feel more connected to others during this month?

Yes! You may not believe it but I woke up looking forward to something other than just living the day. It's only true connection that does that to the human mind. My days start with Dreemport and Ecency and ends with Dreemport and Ecency all because of the beautiful souls I get to interact with behind it. For the first time, Engagement is more than just formality, it's a lifestyle and a beautiful one infact! I get to see through the eyes of the authors because I there's a connection.

Do you think you tried things that you will continue to use after this month is over?

Yes!!!!! I haven't done the banner thingy but after seeing @hopestylist almost everyday on my blog, I want one too. Do you know I learned something from her during the course of this month too. I learned that Time is precious and Love is timeless which means I can drop it and do it. Confused? Don't be. She taught me that I can leave everything just to stop by for someone who's a big part of me. Well, she taught me to interrupt my schedule when it comes to love and she doesn't even know she did and in the most unlikely of ways. You see? Little things...

Do you think the Lovelution Revolution will continue as you keep #leadingwithgenerosity?

I think it will go on even years after because Love isn't something to die just like that. I don't think anyone can remain the same after all this Love Shower.

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Thank you once again to @ecency, @dreemport and @dreemsteem for this beautiful moments. Also to a woman who has come to mean more than I ever thought possible, @samsmith1971, thank you my dear friend for always being so strong and baring your heart to the open. That is a rare kind of love and strength you can never find anywhere else. And to @tengolotodo who's ever the charming rascal with the pouty lips 😂 and a really...well... His sense of humor is off the charts! To @esther-emmanuel, the dragon queen and one more person I admire so much. To @b0s who's ever present on discord with his constant post confusion 😂 and race with time (JIT– ask him what it means😆). He can never seem to get a post out before midnight 🤣. To @ijohnsen, my quiet teddy who hardly makes noise but is still as loving as the rest of us. I love you all and thank you for this awesome gift!


These three weeks have been off the charts, right?! In a very very good way. As usual Dreemport challenges bring the fun and the engagement, the creativity, and the insights - and so much connection, love, and generosity. I followed the instructions in @whywhy 's post to create my banner. It made it so easy to do!!!
Love you too, Deraaa❣️


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I am referring back to that post too... yep yep❤️❤️❤️

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Johnson is blushing..hehehehe
@bos what's JIT...?
I'm curious I want to know...

These past few days has been awesome with you.

hehe you may want to ask @b0s instead !LOLZ ... I could tell you! but that would spoil his fun... so I won't... for now hahaha. How are you Johnsen? !PIZZA

Job interviewer: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Me: I would say my biggest weakness is listening.

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@ijohnsen, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of @samsmith1971
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Straight to @b0s dm
I'm good.
How has the challenge been so far?

I guess it means Just In Time 😁.

Hmmmm I guess so too

Has he told you?🤭

Not yet..lol

I thought I did?


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Oh my darling, please when did I do all of these things 🥺, I am speechless right now 🤭.

This challenge has been one that I know will have a lasting impact and memory on every active Dreemer.

I love you so much my darling 😘😘❤️.

You would not know but every comment and every love you give leaves a statement! Never stop what you do❤️

Oh my!!! 😍, sure I will continue, it's almost a part of me now 🙃.

Thank you for the encouragement dear.

You rc=rocked it girl!
As for the banner nor did I.
Thank you for this, you did way better than me this week, I was just me and not as often as I had busy week.
Ah well next week will be less busy for me so will have more time for this:)
Enjoy the weekend

You too Amigo❤️

Thank you;) Plenty of food 😮

July has been an awesome month so far, thanks to Ecency for making that happen. The challenge might end today but we still have it mark on our heart, I enjoyed every bit of the activity and I am looking forward to seeing more collaboration between Ecency and Dreemport

@Hopestylist is just another wonder woman I have met on the platform, you are amazing Deraaa


I hope JIT won't back on @b0s someday because I will be there to laugh hard. No offense B0s 😂.

Ahem! Time for my girl! You made me blush here and you are the best. Meeting you has been awesome and keep being you, don't stop!

For our teddy bear hmmm @ijohnsen well I rest my case. Quiet but totally amazing in his own.

She said My girrrrlllllll💃💃💃
@b0s and @ijohnsen I am officially the last born of the group!😎
Make una clear road!🚶‍♀️walks majestically

😂😂 last born @deraaa

This you?


Yes. That is an adorable me. Don't be jealous... 🤣

Ahh, 🤣 🤣 I just dey look you. Bad energy stay far away 😂😂😂 JIT rules 😂.

It really was the beginning of something special for the community ♥️ I think we will remember this for a long time to come 🙌

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Ahhhh. Yes it will! Thank you❤️

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Good to hear how you got on in the challenge! Nice one.

Thank you!❤️

Well what can I say Deraa, pouty lips is here👄💋🤣🤣🤣
For three weeks you were awesome as I know you always are!
Never stop being the amazing way you are. You give love effortlessly and it is a joy to get to know you and see you spreading love everywhere:)
This has been a fantastic challenge, I was already an Ecency user so I knew all about the points etc, however the addition of a tip feature is amazing. I hope you enjoy the break week and come back raring to go and enjoy another month one with Ecency and our chosen community, have you worked it out yet where we will be? Have a great week and I popped in tonight from dreemport.