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Piture by THE BRUGES BEER EXPERIENCE and modified by @detlev

Ancestors with beer

Some days ago I found this wonderful picture at the Beer Museum in Brugge, Belgium and I had in mind that there will be some funny way to use it.

Hey Hive Family
let's support the community
of the Ladies of Hive


Each week I will sponsor a sixpack and 50% of this post to the @ladiesofhive

Piture head by @ladiesofhive and modified by @detlev


The winner chosen for the 6 BEER Grand Prize is:


Second-Place Winners, receiving 1 BEER each:


Thanks to @joanstewart of the Team Ladies of Hive

The BeerSaturday

Feel invited to enjoy the longest running Challenge on Hive - The BeerSaturday week 225 in ON at

(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

Have a great day everybody
and let us travel the world again

pic by @detlev

Enjoy the #BeerSaturday
have 3 pics and a story
around beer - and go!

@Detlev loves HIVE

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Six Green Bottles Hanging On The Wall - OK Adult version would be !BEER - I definitely would not like to see them fall!

Thanks for support @detlev and hopefully ladies take to heart beer is enjoyable. Living in a hot climate it is refreshing. Cooler climate warming in heavier taste just pure satisfaction.

For the hot climate, here a !BEER from me

Cheers to Ladies of Hive! !BEER 😎 🍺 🍻

Woot, woot!!!
Thanks for your support of the contest of Ladies of Hive
by providing additional BEER prizes, @detlev!

You are welcome - Enjoy the beer

Thank you for the support!!!

Luckily - I'm a "virgin" as my "zodiac sign" ;-)

Wow than you for your support! I really like the first pic!

Hehe, yeah it is a lovely one.

Thank you for your support, @detlev!
It is much appreciated!

You are welcomen - see you next week.

This post will as well bring a bit Hive as I put your community to the beneficiary with a nice percentage

What a cool vintage picture! It makes my want to grab a beer and damn I do not have one lol. Those ladies look badass with that beer

Take this !BEER and have a sip.

Greetz and a nice day

I believe I got 14.12 Beer tokens in my Hive Engine Account so I need another 10 before I can conjure up the Spirit.
I did make a few fun Beer-ish posts in the past that didn't get much attention.

We very much appreciate the added fun and incentive in this collaboration.

The best way to get some more token is a post about beer and add this to the weekly #BeerSaturday challenge

Or grab a few here at

thank you for the award, to your health.

This photo reminds me of a photo of my mum from back in the day. It's a black and white photo and she was holding a bottle of Gulder. It was very exciting to see considering she doesn't drink beer now and she looked so carefree.

I will look for some more of this cool pics. One more is already there

That's so cute to share some support to the @ladiesofhive community! You are so generous!

mmmm... beer. It reminds me of that Homer Simpson scene. Probably multiple scenes now that I think of it! Congrats to the winner!

Thank you so much @detlev! And congratulations to all you lovelies. Especially the colourful @kaerpediem. Your encore was perfect!