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Well you may have heard there is a new community on the blockchain...

Ladies of Hive

From the title you can see this is a female centric space. While Steemit (and now Hive) have brought many females into the crypto space, I think it is fair to say men still outnumber women on the blockchain. I believe bringing women together in a community focused on support, growth and learning is a really wonderful endeavor.

A few similar groups have existed in our blockchain’s past. This iteration was co-founded by @silversaver888 and @thekittygirl. Through their efforts, they have recruited a leadership team of other fantastic females to the discord. The hope is to leverage the discord in creating an active and prolific Hive community.

🌺The Mission Statement🌺

Our mission is to empower and encourage female/feminine/femme-identifying voices on Hive. We are here to support, uplift and learn from one another (in a no drama space). We believe female voices and ideas should find equal representation in all corners of the blockchain. This is an inclusive space and we welcome everyone who supports this vision.

Aside from female empowerment and general support, there is another appealing aspect to a female focused space. Think about ALL of the people on Hive. I would bet there are people here from most countries in the world. Life as a woman can be vastly different depending on where you were born. In some cultures men’s and women’s social interactions are very regulated and separate. I think having a discord where women from different cultures can gather in a space that feels welcoming and safe is very valuable.

I look forward to seeing my fellow ladies/women/females here in the community and in the discord!

Ladies of Hive Discord


Now for a little introduction to me, for the women I am sure to meet via this new community. I first joined Steemit in September 2017. Like most here, I made the transition to Hive after the fork earlier this year.


My last vacation before the pandemic! November 2019 in Sydney, Australia

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest corner of the USA and still live just outside of Seattle with my Australian husband and our two dachshunds. When we aren’t mid pandemic, I love to travel, go to concerts and attend festivals. I worked in travel as a youngster so was fortunate to visit tons of amazing places. I also lived in Australia from 2002-early 2007. I’ve spent many years working in events for different charitable organizations. These days I work from home for a local children’s hospital.


The boys, Kodi and Jasper

I enjoy reality TV and going to movies. I like the ocean more than the mountains, but love that I live near both. Holidays make me happy, so I tend to go decorating crazy for all of them, ESPECIALLY CHRISTMAS. I collect silver, magnets, postcards, Christmas ornaments and I want to redecorate the inside of my house to give it a more coastal Pottery Barn vibe.


Piano Seal! 🤣😂🤣

Family is very important to me. I am an only child but grew up having all four grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins nearby. This year has been hard. Aside from the pandemic and heaps of social unrest, my mom has had terrible health issues. She has been hospitalized since February, and due to covid restrictions I have only seen her about three times in these seven months. It is stressful and heartbreaking. A lot of my time and energy has been devoted to this in 2020.


My father-in-law, husband and my parents on our wedding day 9/15/2002

I look forward to the days of being back in a crowded arena or riding the teacups at Disneyland. I miss travel, dinners in restaurants and late nights playing board games with friends. It is nice to have Hive to connect with folks near and far in a time when face to face connection is harder to find.

🥂 🍾 Cheers to the friends I have already made here! Cheers to you whom I am just getting to know!

❤️ ~ @dfinney


I love this article because it gives an awesome introduction about the Ladies of Hive Community and of YOU! What a wonderful fit you are in your leadership role in this community! Together with all the ladies, this comunity will be more and more what you want it to be.
There are always new things that I learn about you! You are amazing, @dfinney. 🥰🌺🤙

Kudos to you for getting the ball rolling!

Nice @dfinney!!😀
Good to see the Ladies get together, and that photo of "The Boys" is just classic!!
They have that "We aren't doing anything Mom" look!!😇
So glad you used the sgslife tag on these post, now I can find you!
Have a good weekend!!!!

SGSLife always!

Oh! These two dachshunds always try to play innocent, but they are filled with mischief! 😂

So nice!!!!!😀

Great introduction and ohw I really love your furbabies. They look adorable together.

I hope you can get together with your mom real soon because that really is heartbreaking. The sooner this pandemic will be history the better. For many people in the world this is much worse for them. 😢

Thank you for sharing your intro, I am looking foward to your next blog. Have a great weekend and take care

Thanks @hetty-rowan.

My fur babies have my heart! I know you know how that feels.

It sucks to not be able to see my mom. But luckily my dad has been allowed to visit. I can’t imagine how hard it would be for her without him.

This pandemic definitely needs to end. It just makes everything harder than it needs to be.

This is a fantastic introductory article! Thank you for your leadership role in the Ladies of Hive Community. You ROCK, @dfinney

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You go GIRL!

You know it! 😉

I enjoyed reading your intro.

So sorry about your Mom. It certainly is a most terrible time to have health issues. Things always go better when you can have your loved ones around through bad times.

{{ hugs }}

Being around loved ones is 100% critical to recovery. This year has been so cruel to so many families. It is hard to think about the loneliness and abandonment folks in homes and hospitals must feel. And parents who can’t both be with sick kids and such. Or people who can’t be at loved one’s sides and they’ve passed. Heartbreaking.

Ohhh another dog mum in the LOH I love it! So nice to meet you

Ooo! You have dogs too? I have to come look closer at your blog. Yours is a name I had heard of for ages. I am glad we have a chance to know one another through this group. 💕

What a great intro to the LOH Community, I am so happy that I am meeting fabulous women like you there!
I am so sad that you can't be at your moms bedside holding her hand and helping her get well. The world has become such a bizarre place.

Agree about the community. Hopefully it will keep growing into a place of positivity and good vibes.

The world is a mess. Hopefully these strange days will be short lived. I missed normal life.

First, let me just say that I love your introduction to the Community! If I wasn't a member, I would be banging on the door to join! You have such an upbeat way of presenting things and your charitable outlook on life tells me that you own that vocation.

I am so sorry about your mom. That is so heartbreaking, for sure. Sending good vibes and some prayers out to her.

I love your guys! I do! They are so photogenic and the photo is beautiful.

Have a great night @dfinney!


@dswigle you always say the kindest things!

Thank you for the good vibes and prayers for mom. She definitely needs them. Heck we all need them this year.


Isn't that the truth?

Le sigh.

This year will go down as the most challenging to date. Hope every day sees a silver lining.

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A well thought out Introduction @dfinney on how our voices interact/empowered/limited in the context of various cultural backgrounds. Say, If I were born Amish, I'd probably never seen a computer before or know what a blog is? Great Intro!

It’s kind of heavy to think about how much of life is determined just by luck of the draw at birth. Nationality, financial resources, access to all kinds of opportunities. Life is a crazy thing.

This year has been so unsettled, and I know you've had your fair share of things. You are a strong woman and kept your chin up through it all. I agree and am excited to see this 'lady space' open up and to see all of us who have gathered here already and those that are yet to come.

Take care @dfinney and have a lovely night!

Thanks @elizabethbit. Now if only @actifitlamb was on discord. 😉

She might just never know!

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Such a beautiful introduction sis, and I am soo happy to have gotten to know you 😊 you are such an amazing person, warm hearted and positive and inspire with your amazing posts.
I love when you share your life and pictures of your travels and dogs.
Thats a thing we have in common, and ofcourse the shiny silver 😁 Lol
Same taste 😜

I know you have had a heavy real life and much to deal with, but you have stayed so positive and amazed me by the way you ARE ❤️
Ladiesofhive is Lucky to have you, and I am happy to be your sis ❤️
Stay YOU and much love 🤗🤗

You are always filled with so much kindness and light @saffisara. Like a human sunshine! ☀️

Thank you! 💕

You make it easy sis ❤️ you are amazing.
Happy friday 🤗🤗🤗

Perhaps when travel's okay again - you'd like to come here to Malaysia :D
What kind of reality shows do you watch @dfinney? I am currently watching Survivor S38😀


Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you @innerblocks! 💕

I love this idea, and love your article. So sorry to hear about your mom. We have had a tough year with family illnesses too. It has not been an easy year.My last post to Steemit was in October of last year, and I just found out about this site a few days ago. So here I am!

Welcome back! It’s hard to find things to post about this year with vacations a no go. I took maybe 5 months off of posting too. Lack of fun things to blog about plus a totally overwhelming year.

If you are on discord definitely come join the Ladies of Hive. The group is growing every day and has gals from all over the world.

Thanks! I won't be quite as active as I was before,but I will check out the group on discord.