Contest #93: Rise, Ladies! Not to revolt but to revoke.

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Attitudes towards women changing?

Changes have always been there.
Sometimes it emerges like a sudden wind and settles down tight before anyone can make a fuss against it, sometimes it happens stealthily.
For ladies, particularly where cultural, and religious taboos prevail the most, changes were there but very subtly.
And these days it is speeding up. Wonderfully we are catching up to righteousness, intelligence, and outer world exposure, displaying the potential on our own.

I was delighted to realize that I have reached in time where previously women would struggle to dial a landline number to now woman who works freelancing on a computer!

The number of working women is increasing.
Hearing a voice against domestic violence, misogyny, marital rape or psychological abuse was almost like a revolution to me!

So you can comprehend how tormented women were before and how impactful even the slightest effort to stimulate a better change is counted.

And for all those empowerments, now ladies are being regarded carefully with respect and a bit of intimidation.
People think twice before they act recklessly unlike before.

What prompted those changes?

Perhaps technological advancements were the most impactful to bringing changes persistently onward amongst everything.

One of the major privileges of the tech world is women reaching out the women over the world. The vast exposure outside of our tiny, chained shell worked as a blessing.

  • To perceive what is right and wrong,
  • To achieve our objectives, goals,
  • To proceed toward our hopes and dreams,
  • To protect what we treasure the most
    Reaching out to women from various cultures, races, ethnicity, society.
    Our perspectives were re-molded, re-modeled, and re-structured.
    And we started to stand for ourselves, begin to treat ourselves as a human before a woman.

For example,

most of the changes I have seen in standing against domestic violence or abuses part.
People often criticize that the smart era has only generated crises in conjugal life.
The divorce rate has increased more than before.
Because women are not being quiet and hush-hush by withstanding domestic violence, and abuses like before.
They are standing up for themselves, revoking, demanding to be treated like a human and respected in regards.
Which are super NORMAL to have, but we have to FIGHT for it! Fighting to be treated like a human!


Thought still majority doesn't give it a thought "why the divorce rate has increased?"
Everyone from family, friends, and society encourages "adjustment, compromise, patience" even if that woman had to accept all kinds of abuse, and violence!
Because to our society, a divorced woman is sacrilegious and unacceptable.
Shame killing is still considered prestigious!

Then there are fights against social taboo, independence for even daily activities!
Women are talking, communicating, and asserting more than before.
And that was possible for this tech era which lets her find her peers even from the home.

Every time I would hear or read something relevant, that women are rising against injustice, mistreatment my heart swell.
I would pray with all my heart "Oh dear heaven, she was a broken-winged bird but she is still trying to fly. If I ever do a good deed, I would like to sell it in exchange for her wings."

Every content is mine until it is mentioned 

@surrealfia again, want to hear yours one about this. I am sure you possess more diverse experience than me.


Thank you for your entry to our weekly contest! Your writing is excellent and you covered the question with much grace and aplomb! Bravo! 😊


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Thank you so very much for taking your time and dropping some inspiration 🤧
Have a nice day

apologies for the late reply

To some extent, I agree with you...

but a few other matters are also concerning... almost as if people (not just women) are taking advantage of the privilege or security they're being given... for example, workplace harassment... a girl can claim a colleague has harassed her and he'll be seen as a villain often without even verifying beforehand... and now guys can also claim "being provoked" and the claim can be revoked... see where I'm going with this? Either taking advantage or finding loopholes... I would blame the mentality of people in general - they just want to have their cake and eat it too

Well of course there is.
There will always be culprit of taking advantage of situation and I think this happens in so called high class society. And they were not the part of the struggle or taboos as we had to face as middle class or low, right!
Of course there is evil amongst good however the majority apu? It's woman like us!

However, I would like to hear your stories over that.

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