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RE: My personal hairdresser

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Lucky you! I think your hair looks pretty damn great. I'm loving the twirl pattern, too. And yet, it looks so easy from the shot with the dye still on. You can tell it's a professional's hand at work.

As a low-maintenance (loving the switch from "sloppy" haha) person myself, I so resonate with your words. I've never been interested in going to the hairdresser. I hate salon cuts, waxes, never had a salon dye job (and I've had a lot of hair colors :D). Can't be bothered. The way I see it, it's not about being frugal, it's just spending that money on more important things. Like, I have friends always complaining they're broke. And yet they're at the salon every other week, getting things done that they could easily DIY at home. So I guess it's pick your poison, right?


I'm sure we all got those friends in our circle or neighbours down the road, who say they're broke, but then they come back from the supermarket with pre peel, pre cut, pre wash, pre packed veg which costs twice as expensive as a whole cucumber or a big packet of carrots.

We all love to indulge ourselves every now and I'm sure we deserve it, it's just striking the balance with everything else in our life.

Thanks for dropping by!!

Well said! I think it's when it stops being an indulgence and becomes a weekly habit that it can spiral into a problem.