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RE: April 1st and it is Market Friday!

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What a great sight in my morning, thank you for this :) And from this, I also learned more about what the colors signify. You are fortunate to have such a nursery where you can enjoy and have some moments with those beautiful tulips!


They're great, aren't they?
Hahaha... they have the same meaning for different kinds of flowers,
especially roses!
That's one thing nice around here...
you'll find anything you would like to find,
well, almost anything... hehehe 😁
Beautiful, fabulous, lovely tulips!

I'm looking for an arsonist interested in a romantic relationship.
I want someone who can set my world on fire!

Credit: reddit
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They are absolutely beautiful! And the color meanings are awesome. Lovely to live in such a place where you can find almost anything :)