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RE: April 1st and it is Market Friday!

Tulips truly are beautiful with all their vibrant colors and varieties.

I have a cousin who just buys anything on a whim, unceremoniously digs an hole, sometimes which appears inefficiant for what she is planting, drops whatever it is in the hole, crams the dirt back around it and .... Vwa-La.... up it comes and it heartily thrives ! I don't know if it is just luck or what, but it makes me think that sometimes we might over think it while trying to do things just right.

I bet with all the photos and stories of all of your beautiful yards and the such, you could make tulips grow as well as anyone.


Sorry for the late reply, I'm out of sorts!
With the passing of my dear Yorkie...
Yeah, I think that I can make tulips grow!!!
Next fall, @jacey.boldart!!!