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It is hard for fathers to feel like they are protecting their families when rearing them, especially when they are getting up into the upper teens, and fathers that already have control issues complicate everything like your father did. It is extremely good that you were able to overcome that and move on, and become the woman you are now. You sound like you made major progress towards your strengths and have eliminated a lot of the other things that provide weakness. Onward and upward!!!

My daughter met a guy and ran away with him at 16 but didn't get pregnant right away. He kept trying to send her back, but we kept saying, no, you take her hahahahahahaha!!! 🤣 In seriousness, he did not feel right having her run away, she just hated any authority over her head, and it would not have mattered to her what it was; she even looks back on it now and says she made a major mistake, but that is what life is about, learning. So, it takes a lot of patience to bring up kids where they can learn enough and be protected enough to learn to deal with the world after leaving the nest.


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Waww what a strong situation, but you are right, it served your daughter and all of you as a life lesson, sometimes we have to learn in very painful or incomprehensible ways, and yes! that was what happened, my father wanted to protect me or express his concerns but he did it through his childhood traumas, he wanted to give me the same abuse he received, he needs psychological help, I hope someday he takes it and realizes that the change to be a better person is in himself.