Bought A Mini Thermal Printer!

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Hi, everyone! In this article, I would love to share something that I bought online. I have been eyeing for this thermal printer for weeks. I am contemplating if it is worth my money.

I knew of this thermal printer from a YouTube video that I watched back in May. She is using this printer for her study notes and for listing her groceries and stuff.

I got so intrigued on how can that little machine can print without ink. Also, it is cheap for a printer. I then researched more about it. I found out that the printing process is through heat. I was so amazed that you can print without ink. I then realized that this kind of printer is used by cashiers and package details.

I really like one for my hobby. I like to print references and stick it on the wall so that I will not keep looking for the pictures on my phone.

So, I try to canvas on the two major online shops in the country which are Lazada and Shopee. I found a brand called Paperang. It is a company that sells a vast range of thermal printers. Bonus, they have an official store account on Shopee.


After weeks of contemplating, I finally have the courage to buy this thermal printer. I convince myself that it is worht it, haha! I am a cheap person and I do not like wasting money on this that I will get over after few days.

I bought the Paperang P2S with a free roll of paper.
The item comes with a charging cord, a micro USB.

If you like to check the item click here

How to print?


The printing process is through an app. You have to download the app and connect to your phone via bluetooth. The package comes with instruction so do not worry about the process. Also, there are a lot of tutorials and reviews on YouTube.

I tried to print my chibi character for the blog, lol.


Here you can see that I printed a few already since I bought the thermal printer. I printed some artsy references on the wall. It is easier for me to look for references instead of scanning my phone's photo gallery.


What I like about it?

  1. Very compact and neat design. No unnecessary designs included.
  2. Easy to follow the manual. It is a no-brainer.
  3. You can take the thermal printer where ever you go.
  4. The battery lasts super long. It can take up to a week without charging, printing a day for me is 5-10 times.
  5. Bonus! It is a clock, too!

What I do not like about it?

  1. It is way too cute not to buy it!
  2. You can only print black and white, obviously.
  3. It is addicting so, I ran out of paper so fast, haha!

That is it for this article. I will see you at the next one!

📸 All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited. ©️jijisaurart


I need one for my vision board! para print nlng anytime! I didn't knew about this till now! Great blog too @jijisaurart!

Thank you. 😊 Yeah, very handy siya for artsy stuff. Matagal pa made battery. 😊

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Nice, makes me want to buy one for myself. 😅

Budol is real, sis. Sign na daw eto mehehehe

Wow, so this only for photos? Anyway how much is this?😊

For photos, list, anything that can be captured or written on your phone. :) I bought it for under $60. I forgot the exact amount because of the shipping fee and all.

That looks so cute!

As long as you find something productive to use it with, then that should be worth it. Love the art and the photography! ❤️

Yay, thank you, Arlin! I will use it well! :)

Follow your heart... wisely. hehe

Cute! Hownmuch is that? Hehhe

It is about $60. I forgot the exact amount of it because of added fees.

This would be nice for making a shopping list, or traveling directions.🚗

Oh, yeah, good for directions too!

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Budol is real, Jiji! I added it already in my cart 🙈

Hmm, it is so tempting to buy one! 🤔

Those thermal printers are great, and so portable! I had one, maybe 35 years ago, and loved it! I will caution you about one thing, though: The printouts will eventually fade over time (unless they've changed the way they make the paper since I had my printer). So, after 5, 10, 15 years, you won't be able to read what's on it. So, don't use it print things that you need to keep forever, like a backup copy of your Hive Keys, etc. That is a very cute and handy printer, though! Congrats! 😃

Yeah, I printed all my keys through this printer, actually! :) I clear taped too because I'm scared that it will fade away, but for this type of paper, it should be good for 10 years according to the reviews. :)

Ay, ang cutieee~ Save ko 'to, baka pwede ko siyavpang regalo sa Bebe Girl. Pang print lang ng flash cards pag gusto niya mag-aral, hihi.

Aweee. That's every girl's must-have. So cutie and minimalist. Aesthetic

Naloka ako, alam ko nabasa ko na to somewhere eh tas binalikan ko, ikaw pala yun jiji hahah. Anyways, aun nga sayang di ako nakabili nito sana na lang may mag regalo charrr.

Now I want one too kahit medyo may ka-eng engan me sa mga tech stuff..