Dear, Another Year

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Yes, August is here and that means, I will be a year older. Should birthdays be celebrated or not? Because more birthdays means we are closer to our death, lol. Should we be celebrating our death? Haha.

But, yeah, we should be more on the positive side of life. I am grateful that I am still here breathing air after all the chaos in my life. Drama aside, in this article, I will just be sharing snippets of my birthday celebration. Actually, it is nothing special. For me, at my age, birthdays are just days with cream on top. Maybe that is how the adulting brain works already.

I filed for 3-day leave for my birthday, and also to just chill. In the morning, I was bombarded with messages saying happy birthday, wishing me happiness, and that I should already get a boyfriend. They are saying that on my next birthday, I should have a boyfriend already or else, I will stay single for the rest of my life. I really appreciate people who remembered and/or greeted me!

Mama is so sweet!


I already told her that I do not really want a present for my birthday. I told her that good health and safety for us are my wishes. She insisted still to give me a present on my birthday. I do not like to not accept it because I might hurt her feelings

Funny that she used an index card, haha. I bet she just used the papers in her office. I received a pair of shoes, and yeah, forgot to take a picture.

Eat the cake!


My family gave me a cake. I requested a chocolate cake, hehe. I do not know what happened to the lines to this cake. Maybe the baker is in a hurry, or is it just how the cake is supposed to be? It was good though! So chocolatey, and moist. I ate a slice and a half. I invited my relatives and neighbors to come to celebrate with us.

We have other food such as spaghetti (very Filipino), pancit, lechon, ice cream, shanghai, etc.

I did not take pictures of the food because it is annoying to keep people waiting for me to take the best pictures and angles to post. It is just not my vibe. I did manage though to take this beautiful lechon, mehehe!


After lunch, I am so stuffed that I fell asleep so quickly. I woke up around five in the afternoon.

Movie time! | Josee, The Tiger And The Fish



Movie overview: With dreams of diving abroad, Tsuneo gets a job assisting Josee, an artist whose imagination takes her far beyond her wheelchair. But when the tide turns against them, they push each other to places they never thought possible and inspire a love fit for a storybook. Source

I can say that I can relate to the girl. She also loves art but at one point, she was about to give up. I was in that situation before because I feel like my art is trash. I really like to enroll in an art-related course but my parents did not allow me. It is okay though because I believe that they are just making sure that I will land a job easier when I enroll in a management course.

The story is just heartwarming and painful at the same time. The animation is freaking mint! Also, I love that E ve’s music is included in the movie. He is one of my favorite music artists! The way he delivered the music is like describing the whole movie.

After watching the movie, I tried to search for more info about the movie and found out that it has a live-action version. The live-action though is a bit different from the anime.

What lies ahead of me?


Truly, I do not know. I can say that I am happy of what I have and what I am doing right now. Of course, I want more in life and I am getting there slowly. And there is a part of me that I feel empty every now and then. For now, I just want to focus on myself - my career, skills, and overall improvement. I have to build myself for now. Eventually, I will find that something that will fill the emptiness.

That is it for this article. I will see you at the next one!

📸 All photos are owned and taken by me, otherwise credited. ©️jijisaurart


Happy Blessed Birthday @jijisaurart ! I think your cake is abstract that's why it looked like that. LOL. That lechon looks just delectable.

I was really confused with the cake's design haha, but so yummy though! Thanks for the greeting ate chi! Take care!

Happy Birthday @jijisaurart, and it basically is just another day with cream on top hahahahaha. That is a sign of maturity, but some people like to stay the same age, ie. plenty-nine. I think women more than men have an issue with the birthday numbers, although recently I've come across quite a few women that confess that the age is just a number.
My mother-in-law used to say "pick an age you like and stick to it!" hahahaha.
At any rate, it is best to relax and take it as it comes, because we can only do so much.
Excellent post.

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To talk about the age of women is kind of taboo, haha! I like to stick with 18 haha! But I love the adulting life somehow. :) Thanks for dropping by! :)

Sending !LUV on your birthday yet again madam jiji

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Happy birthday :))

I am not really celebrating my birthdays, but I do like to congratulate others when they have it :)

Not because we are getting older 😂 but because it is a day when a new life arrived and that is a reason for a celebration :)

Cheers to more birthdays! There is so much more in life! :)

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Happy New Year, Jiji! ✨
I hope you enjoyed your leave.
I feel you with that emptiness. Maybe it's another existential crisis we need to deal with in our 20s.
Anyway, cheers to the unknown! 🥂

Happy new year too, @cthings ! hahaha! Thank you, sis, I appreciate your kind words. One day, mahahanap ko rin, char. Take care!❤️

Happy birthday, it's been long I celebrated mine but you have activated it in me. Happiness is free and essential.

Happy Birthday magka buwan Pala Tayo.. -1year life points na naman.

Yay, August babies are the best! Advance happy birthday, Chileng~

Happy Birthday, @jijisaurart! It sounds like it was a lovely day! Keep on doing your thing, and have a lovely day! !LADY

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Happiest birthday, @jijisaurart! Wishing you health, money, and !LUV on your birthday! 😊

Happy birthday sis, more blessings to come and good health to you.

Happiest birthday @jijisaurart!
That lechon is so yummy! I want to attend to your birthday party just to eat all the food you have mentioned. And of course to see and greet you in person! Here’s a !PIZZA gift for you 😊

And your mom is really thoughtful. I like the index card, that’s so me. 😅😂
Wonder what kind of shoes you got.

Anyways enjoy your vacation and enjoy being a year older! Don’t worry about that part being empty and void for now, later on you’ll eventually find that missing piece. Or maybe you found it already but just haven’t realized it is that piece. Not sure but well, let’s just enjoy what we have now!
Happy birthday again!

It's a pair of running shoes because she knows that I love working out haha.

Baka andito lang pala sa Hive yung future jowa ko hahaha char

WOW! May abs ka ba? 😅
Uyyyy how to work out ba? charot

onga, baka nasa hive lang pala sya hahaha

Wala sis haha mahirap ma achieve yun. Nag kukunwaring nag wowork out lang para productive 😆 Tsaka walang jowa kaya ayern na lang libangan ko hahaha char.

Bonggang hobby naman yan! What kind of workout do you do ba? Turuan mo ko! 😅


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Happy birthday, Jiji! Unang basa ko "Happy Birthday Mama" dun sa card kala ko may anak ka na hahaha.

Luh. Hahaha! Wala pa ngang jowa, anak agad haha! Salamat, Laurence!

Kaya nga e nabasa ko bigla na "dapat may boyfriend ka na next birthday" hahahah

Have some !PIZZA on your birthday.