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Aye, a new place to let my hair down. ~ The Bloody Raven, Pirate

My Introduction

I am Kerris Llewellyn Ravenhill, a former crazy Goth in years past but had seriously mellowed out since having kids and then rebuild a new life after picking up what remained out of the human wreckage I called my former life.

Joined Aug 2017, first blog in March 2018

A church group helped me become a productive person, looking after my kids as I finished Nursing school or when I was ill. Learned to budget, encouraged to overcome my depression, and felt I better around people that are joyful and happy. But I am still somewhat recluse when socializing outside my safe church family community.

I love my Nursing job and I love to collect Silver!

I was also encouraged to find some peers to share the same interests on the Internet. I took up Akido through a local community center and that led me to practice Japanese Kenjutsu as a matching martial arts discipline. A church brother got me into saving some of my spare cash in precious metals. I remember often playing as a little pirate out of a cardboard box, my crew were usually my dolls and stuffies with guest appearances of my Father and neighboring kids and the treasure was either chocolate coins or my Father’s hoard of silver coins. My dental records prove it.

Sister Teresa D’Mordecai, “You really need new Sunday school teachers?”

I originally met @silversaver on YouTube and we became friends there long before coming to Hive. She knows me by my Historical Fiction writing and I even wrote her character into my stories. My current version of The Bloody Raven is as Sister Teresa D’Mordecai in 1812 Revolutionary Mexico along with showing my Mexican Silver treasures.

A YouTube Video.

I live in Canada and I have been working as a Night Shift Nurse, with a few other cash jobs on the side to continue collecting my Historical silver to write about. Having a full time Nursing career and raising my kids has been a challenge with little remaining time resources. As they are now adults, I hope I can put more time into writing about my treasures and adventures.

One of my five treasure chests of Silver!
And with each piece is a tall tale!

I am so happy to be a part of this new “Ladies of Hive” Community!

Thank you for stopping by my Blog today.



1. All are my own pictures shot with a Samsung SM-A530W unless otherwise indicated.
P. Image under Pixabay
R. Clip art from 123RF
W. Wiki Commons

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“Et lux in tenebris to serve laboro, sum sicarius” “I work in the shadows to serve the Light, I am an Assassin”


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Very happy to get to know you better @kerrislravenhill, and look forward to see more posts from you. Glad to have you in the "LADIES OF HIVE" community.

Likewise, but it is as we know, or don't know, just the tip of the Iceberg and what lurks below the sullen surface of a cold moonlit sea.

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A fantastic introduction article! It is wonderful to know you and look forward to reading and knowing more about you through your articles. Make the Ladies of Hive community your home. It is yours! Please feel free to use #ladiesofhive on the first 4 tags of any post so that the ladies will get to know you from your articles, and post any article from the Ladies of Hive Community.😍
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The Storm Crow always sails with a compliment of seasoned and gifted crew with various talents, experience, expertise and style that make her a successful privateer vessel. It's no different with Captaining a Community, so I wish you good hunting and favorable winds @ladiesofhive ⛵️⚓️☠️

Sis, whichever community you join, you are always the original, unique, special, mysterious, lovely Gothic personality, and you immediately enrich others. I am most happy that we are in this Ladies of Hive community together. We are #sisters4life 🥰🌺🤙

It's time to start trimming back those idle Discord channels I barely visit or have been quiet. I'm excited with your new calling and feeling optimistic it will be successful, lively and a source of ideals and inspiration my Sis!
Always, with love 🤗 🌺 ❤️

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Well. I'm surprised. Your first post, but not your first reply :) I met you over on @galenkp 's Friday engagement a couple weeks ago! He does that every Friday, you know...

I'm glad to see you on Hive, and wish you the best of luck. Hope to see you around more...

A subtle nudge.
I think I see the problem.
I should have bought this up with the leadership about the SUGGESTED use of the #introduction tag which is too close to the Introduceyourself tag and I will immediately make remedy for myself even if my sisters argue otherwise in the recent launch and inauguration of the new #ladiesofhive community.

I do follow and read the odd @galenkp's post, but I also look at my clock and assess my energy level before I committing to make a Post Sized comment and partake in his delightful initiatives.
My free time is often in short supply. But sometimes I will say, "What the hell, I can live will 90 minutes less sleep."

Thanks for dropping in @bigtom13 and the polite 'nudge'😉

Ugggghhh. And as I continued through my feed I found several more 'intro posts' and figured it out. I'm slow but steady. :)

Good luck with LOH and good to see you.

I am so happy you are with us @kerrislravenhill, here in the #ladiesofhive community! I love your stories and style of writing as I tend to be a bookworm when I have the time to be one!

Take care and I'll be seeing you around the community!💜

Thanks @elizabethbit this is an opportunity to broaden my circle and deepen a few more relationships. I need to get out of my defensive shell more often and have more fun with the Hive community.

It's time to let go! I think you will have some fun! Take care my sister and have a lovely night!

Awesome post Kerris so happy to have you as our Gothic Nurse!!!
I think I am overdue for some silver therapy my friend, have a good week!!😀

I will have to polish up the Stackitis Nurse a bit by cleaning up the Steem links into Hive links and references. They will be Comment ready and perhaps lay the ground work for a Bot version, but for now Manual will do.
Thanks for dropping in @silvertop

Very nice my friend looking forward to it!!🤗

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I didn’t realize your kids were adults already. How is this possible? 😄

Their Provincial Automobile Learners Licenses seem to legitimize their claim.
Oh my, 😭 they grow up so fast!

you are an intresting person, Kerry. wish you well, and your family too!

A crazy busy life I have, but more importantly is that I feel it is a meaningful ,productive life and having found my self worth with good caring people.
Thanks for dropping in @qwerrie

Happy and I feel grateful to know you more through your blog sister friend, lot of 💖💕

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Thank you, I've been so busy with this new group @misschance
The Ladies of Hive community is new, I enjoy the energy of this community.
I hope you can consider it, click on the banner.

I will consider and look on it, thanks my sister 😊

Pleased to meet you @kerrislravenhill
Did your Dad's silver survive you? :D
Loveeee that mask :)