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Background by Prince Patel on Unsplash
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In deck building and card battles, having an answer to different situations can be key to victory. In plinterlands, both being able to deal with high and low mana fights is a must. There's a lot of different combinations but fire element seems to have the best answer for the low mana fights.


An Antoid Platoon typically consists of five to seven Fire Ants, each approximately the size of a man's fist. They are well armored and wield shields and spears that, while tiny, provide a formidable defense and offense against the antoid's foes. Operating through a shared hive mind, the Antoid Platoon is employed to defend Ant Miners, other workers, the colony, and its queen. They are also known to become aggressive when invaders encroach upon their homes and surrounding territory.
The Weirding Warrior tried to bring his foot down on the Ant Miner, but the vile little insect skittered away and disappeared down a hole in the soft silt of the forest's floor.

The Weirding Warrior rubbed his calf where it had struck him with its pickaxe, limped over to the hole, and peered inside.

“Come on out little fella,” he hissed. “I won't bite.”

A rustle of shifting dirt, and an Antoid Platoon consisting of five red ants wearing armor and wielding shields and spears poured out of the hole and skittered toward him.

The Weirding Warrior snorted and raised his boot. “Am I supposed to be impressed?”

The rustling grew louder. He paused and cocked his head. Suddenly, a flood of fire ants poured from the hole and surged toward him.

Eyes wide, he gasped and turned to flee. Tiny pinpricks tore into his lower legs. He stumbled and fell.

And the Antoid Platoons swarmed over him.

Lore can be found on Splinterlands Card Lore Page.

Market Price Buy

Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Since the card lies from Chaos Legion, the cost is really low at the moment. Right now, it's $0.06 per card allowing you to purchase a lot of it and upgrade it to higher leveled card allowing increased stats and unlocking better abilities.

Market Price Rent

Photo from my Splinterlands account.

The rental price right now is 0.20 DEC right now. It's really low for rental but since the buy price is also low, it's not efficient to rent it and instead buying one is better since you can sell it in the future if you don't want it anymore.


Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Antoid Platoon's main purpose is defense. His low damage but high health and extra armor allows him to tank a couple of hits from his opponents. This is furthermore enhanced by Antoid Platoon's Shield ability halving all the melee and range damage he receives.


Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Shield ability halves all melee and range damage. Any 1 damage before it was halved are negated. This is a strong ability allowing you to tank multiple opponents.


I haven't tried this but I saw this talked about by a lot of players. Apparently, Shield ability also halves the damage on Earthquake rule set. Combined with the Scavenger ability at level 6 that gives him health whenever a monster, allies or opponents, dies, this makes Antoid Platoon very useful on that specific rule set.

Battle highlights

Click the link below to see the full battle:

Rule Sets

13 Mana Standard.PNG
Photo from my Splinterlands account.

This is a low 13 mana cap battle. The maximum combined mana cost of all monsters and summoner must not exceed 13.

Standard Rule Set does not alter any rules or mechanics of the game.

All Elements Unlocked. You are free to choose which element you want to fight with and no restriction on which elements can be used.

Abilities Used During This Battle




Abilities used in this battle are from Splinterlands using my account.

Round 1

Round 1.png
Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Serpentine Spy's Opportunity attack kills Furious Chicken.

Battering Ram's Opportunity attack kills Pirate Archer.

Round 3

Round 3.png
Photo from my Splinterlands account.

Serpentine Spy's Opportunity attack kills Sea Monster.

Author's Notes

Aqua Teacher.png

Do you like ANTOID PLATOON? Why or Why not?

I like Antoid Platoon since he's cheap and easy to use. His theme fits as a fire element and complements really well with Tarsa. Overall, there's a better choice but for starting players, Antoid Platoon is the best.



Summoner: Tarsa: Best fire summoner at the moment gives you both increased health and melee damage.

  1. Antoid Platoon: One of the best low mana monsters for fire. It has shield that halves all melee and range damage. It even negates all 1 melee and range damage.

  2. Battering Ram: I bought it before since he's a good filler monster. A 2 mana cost monster that can attack from anywhere. Really dangerous when combined with Tarsa.

  3. Serpentine Spy: Standard for Fire element. Antoid Platoon defend, Serpentine Spy attacks. That's how this team is built.

Did your strategy worked?

Yes, using Antoid negated a lot of damage. Normally, Sea Monster can take out other monster in 1-2 hits. It would take him 3-4 turns to kill Antoid Platoon only and that 1 turn difference is all I need to kill it before it kills me.

What will you try differently next time?

There's a fire monster called Cerberus and it's still the BEST low mana monster for me. It ha high damage and high speed allowing to kill enemies before they hit. High speed allows dodging more often and high dodge chance plus heal ability gives it high survivability in battle. If I have Cerberus, it would still be my number 1 in low mana battles.


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Good luck and keep grinding!


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