WINNERS: Ladies of Hive Contest #107

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Authored by @saffisara


The 107th edition of the Ladies of Hive CONTEST has come to a close and a winner has been selected! It was difficult as all the entries were wonderful! We would like to thank everyone who participated and are glad that the invitations brought more women into our community!

It was a joy to read them all and to see what ghost stories we would hear 😜 LOL! It was hard not to pick everyone winners and I thank you all for joining in! 🙏 –@saffisara

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Thank you, everyone!

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Thanks for the prize 🥰

!LADY 😍🌺🤙

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Uh.. thank you but i think you have mentioned the wrong person huhu. I'm sorry but my Username here is Xanreo and not Sanreo. 😅

Thank you very much and I'm sorry.

Thank you! 💘💘

Greetings girls, happy to be in the selected of the week, congratulations to the other selected colleagues, certainly a great contest, which in particular made me remember beautiful moments and experiences that I shared with my husband in our constant visits to the beaches and parks, thanks @saffisara for bringing incredible questions.


Thank you so much for the award @silversaver888.

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I had a Great time reading all posts this week 😁 you are all winners.
But extra Congrats to the winners 🥂 you ghosted your way to my ♥️😁 lol

GOOD JOB everyone 👍

Hehe thanks for the ghosted questions 😅
You're amazing
Butthugs! 🤗❤️💕

Thank YOU for joining in and making me laugh 😂 Hahahaha
You awsomeness 🤗♥️💋

I appreciate you more 😊



Haha what a hug! 😂

Ya.. Be careful 😂

WOW! This is great. Congratulations to all the winners

Congrats to you @kerrislravenhill for taking first place, your entry was beautiful

And congrats to all the other winners including myself 😊 it was fun.

Thanks @saffisara and the ladies of Hive as a whole for this amazing contest.

Congrats @kerrislravenhill 🥂
Your story rocked and had me captivated... Wishing for more 👻😁

OMG! I DIDN'T EXPECT THAT MY ENTRY WOULD WIN 3RD PLACE! This is my first time winning here in the LOH community! Thank you very much! This is one of my achievements here on HIVE for this month of November. 🥰

I also congratulate all the ladies who also shared their amazing experiences and brilliant thoughts for this contest! You all are the best!😍

Well deserved 😉 it was a good read.
Keep up the good work 💞

Congratulations ladies! Been fun reading your ghost stories :) All the best in the next edition of the LOH challenge!

Awesome! Thank you @saffisara.
I was originally planning a Writing break after 106th but with the Halloween embers still glowing and the paranormal nature of the question, I just couldn't resist the story boiling over in my mind and so I bought Shizune (back) to life.

Is this Mic working? (taps on mic) “Thump thump” I wish to thank the Members of this Ladies of Hive community, members of the Academy, my peers, and friends for this award. My Mom and Dad! And those fans up there in the balcony Thank you! (Blows a kiss before accidentally falling off the stage) “I’m okay” 👍

Then I am happy that you decided to listen you your over boiled mind and let the imagination Flow 😉
Shizune Will now be stuck in our minds. You deserve the 🏆 reward.

BIG hug 😂💞😂

Congratulations to the winners, I hope to win one day

I have no doubt you Will 💞

thank you ladies!! 💘

Congratulations to all winners, I hope to win soon.

Congratulations everyone! Last week was an interesting topic to delve into 🙂 Good luck in future endeavors

Congratulations @kerrislravenhill @farm-mom @merit.ahama @belkyscabrera @gejami @borderline.babe and @sanreo. Felicitaciones @ladiesofhive y una semana de éxitos.

Thank you @sacra97, have a nice and blessed evening.

Such an honor ladies, thanks so much.

Congratulations to the winners, and to the rest of the participants as well!

Congrats @kerrislravenhill .. I know yours was the top-notch hehe..

Thanks @jane1289

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Congratulations to all the winners, to all of us who participate every week, it is comforting to be able to write for this contest every week @ladiesofhive

Enhorabuena a todas las ganadoras , a todos quienes participamos cada semana , resulta reconfortante poder escribir para este concurso cada semana . @ladiesofhive

Congratulations to all the winners of this prompt.🎉👏

Very wonderful

Congratulations to all the winners of #107 contest