WINNERS: Ladies of Hive Contest #85

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Authored by @ifarmgirl


The 85th edition of the Ladies of Hive CONTEST has come to a close and a winner has been selected! It was difficult as all the entries were wonderful! We would like to thank everyone who participated and are glad that the invitations brought more women into our community!

The winner chosen for the 3 HIVE Grand Prize is:

The Grand Prize winner also receives 300 Ecency Points
for boosting posts, courtesy of @melinda010100,
@good-karma, and the @ecency project


Second-Place Winners, receiving 2 HIVE
and 150 Ecency Points each:





Honorable Mentions, receiving 1 HIVE
and 50 Ecency Points each:


Everyone who took the time to participate
might receive LADY (LOH) tokens as well!
Details of how many tokens you can earn are here:

Nominate a Comment!

You are welcome to nominate one person who made a lovely comment on your contest post. If we agree that it is a nice comment, thoughtful and not made in haste, both you and the commenter will receive ONE additional LOH token! Your nomination should be made in a comment on this post, and the nominee must have commented on your post, not someone else's!

Thank you, everyone!

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Aw, thanks. It's always a pleasure to join in when I can and to read the other Ladies posts! Love this community xxx

Congratulations @kamarah for 1st place,
@blaze8, @cirangela, @hindavi for 2nd place, and
@bloghound, @chaodietas, @esther-emmanuel, @irenenavarroart, @kattycrochet, @mariavargas, @ninahaskin, @nkemakonam89, @rene.neverfound, @riverflows, and @trucklife-family for honorable mentions;
However, you are all first class winners for continually supporting each other in your daily, weekly, and monthly endeavors. Congrats to all participants!!!

Thanks a lot James 🤗🥰

Thank you so much

Thank you, aprecite it 😃


Thank you so much... Just seeing this now.

thank you 🙏very much @jamerussell greetings🙂

This week was wonderful, I read interesting post.

Congratulations @kamarah for 1st place,
@blaze8, @cirangela, @hindavi for 2nd place, and
@bloghound, @esther-emmanuel, @irenenavarroart, @kattycrochet, @mariavargas, @ninahaskin, @nkemakonam89, @rene.neverfound, @riverflows, and @trucklife-family for honorable.

This is a beautiful community of fraternity, support and solidarity. Hugs 🤗
Thank you for your mention and support @ladiesofhive, @jamerussell, @nainaztengra, @kamarah, @atyourservice.

Thank you and congratulations on your honorable mention!💗🙆‍♀️👏💗

Thank you 🤗🌻

Thank you very much

Thank you so much ♥️

Thank you @nainaztengra :)

Thank you! @nainaztengra ❣️

Thank you so much

Thank you 💕


Thank you 🥰♥️


Thank you🙏 @ninaztengra.🙂

thanks... Best regards.

Thanks so much! @nainaztengra 💗🤗💗

Wow!! My girl @kamarah Big congratulations to you. You’re amazing. ❤️

Congratulations to all the brilliant winners and honorable mentions:
@blaze8 @cirangela @hindavi @bloghound @chaodietas @esther-emmanuel @irenenavarroart @kattycrochet @mariavargas @ninahaskin @nkemakonam89 @rene.neverfound @riverflows @trucklife-family
You ladies rock! 💗💗

Thank you so much

Thanks 😃

Thank you 🥰 🤗

Thanks a lot b🥺❣️

thanks a lot 🙏

thanks 🤗

Congratulations to the winners

Thank you so much, @ladiesofhive :)

Muchas felicitaciones 👏 a todas las ganadoras 👏👏

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Congrats to everyone who won Hive, Ecency POINTS and even LOH tokens!

Thanks to @elizabethbit for writing such a nice comment on my LOH post!

Both you and @elizabethbit received 1 token for the meaningful comment she made on your article!

Great job @ifarmgirl. 👏
@ladiesofhive,@melinda010100,@good-karma and @ecency, thank you all for your contributions to the growth of this community and to all the beautiful members as well. I’m happy to be a part of you all. ❤️

Unto the next challenge. @kamarah how far na? Come and buy your girl beer. Lol.

Oya collect 🍺, bills on me 😘

Awww congratulations to all the winners🥳

See y’all in the next. ❤️

Thank you very much for the mention. Congratulations to the winners 🥰🥰

To all the winners of this week's contest. Congratulations @kamarah, @blaze8, @cirangela, @hindavi

To the special mention, congratulations @chaodietas , @mariavargas, @ninahaskin, @nkemakonam89, @bloghound @irenenavarroart, @kattycrochet @rene.neverfound, @riverflows, and @trucklife-family

Thank you for the special mention @ladiesofhive 💓

Thank you Esther dear💛

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Thanks a lot🙏

Thank you for the generous reward and support! Congratulations to the winners!

Congratulations to all the winners of the week and to all who participated, to those who make life here, and to those in charge of this beautiful community.

Many blessings to all. 🧚🌈🐦😘💖💐✨🥰

Many thanks to you ma🥰

Thank you!! 🙃

Thank you🙏 very much [email protected] and @ifarmgirl for your kind support.

Thank you very much!

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Thank you 🙏 very much @ladiesofhive choosing me as one of the Honorable winners. thanks for your kind support.
Congratulations to all winners. @kamarah @blaze8, @cirangela, @bloghound, @chaodietas, @esther-emmanuel, @irenenavarroart, @kattycrochet, @mariavargas, @ninahaskin, @nkemakonam89, @rene.neverfound, @riverflows, and @trucklife-family

Thank you 😊

Many thanks 👍

felicidades a todos los ganadores,

Felicidades a las ganadores de la edición #85


Thank you!
What a nice surprise to have an honorable mention in this contest.
A thousand congratulations to the winners, especially to @kamarah for taking first place, @blaze8, @cirangela, @hindavi for taking second place in the contest, as well as to all the honorable mention winners. Best regards.

Congratulations to our winners of the 85th Edition, many posts I was left speechless.

Congratulations to our awesome ladies. @kamarah for 1st place,
♥️@blaze8, @cirangela, @hindavi for 2nd place, and
@bloghound, @chaodietas, @esther-emmanuel, @irenenavarroart, @kattycrochet, @mariavargas, @ninahaskin, @nkemakonam89, ♥️ @rene.neverfound, @riverflows, and @trucklife-family for honorable mentions;
You ladies rock... That's for sharing with us so beautifully.

Many thanks my dear.

You're welcome Big sis

Thank you so much @sapphirekay

You're welcome sis

You are nice, thank you 💕


thanks for the mentions and congratulations everyone!!! we all did a very great job ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you very much for the honorable mention win in the
85th Edition of the LOH Contest!
Truly a wonderful, unexpected
surprise to wake up to on Sunday!

📣 Congratulations to
1st place winner @kamarah
2nd place winners
@blaze8, @cirangela, @hindavi
and honorable mentions
@bloghound, @chaodietas,
@esther-emmanuel, @irenenavarroart,
@kattycrochet, @mariavargas,
@nkemakonam89, @rene.neverfound,
@riverflows @trucklife-family

Thank you @ninahaskin my friend

Thank you sis🥰

Thank you! 🤗 @ninahaskin

Muchas gracias por el premio 🏆 no había pasado por acá porque tenía 11 días sin luz hasta ayer y bueno ya de vuelta saludos y muchas felicidades a todas por participar bendiciones ❤️ ladies 🌷👠

Congratulations to the winners.

I'll want to nominate @ifarmgirl for her amazing comment and encouragement.

Congrats @kamarah and to other winners 😁

Thanks Jane🙂

Felicidades a todos los participantes de antemano y a los ganadores disfrutelon en grande , también les deseo mucho éxito en su ardua labor a todo el grupo de trabajo que hacen vida en esta comunidad de señoras sigan cosechando éxito.

Congratulations to the winners