Hello ladies ! Glad to be here

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The beauty of hive,everything on the internet, and life is we can voluntarily choose where we want to be a part of and even create the one we wanted to.

And I am not going to come into someone's community and lecturing them with semantics and what not 🙂 since that is really uncalled for given that I am not interested the first place. That being said, I am glad to join this community because I identify as a lady 😉

I wrote a short introduction in the server but I don't think that is suffice. First, thanks to @silversaver888 who got me into the community. I am very terrible at introducing myself but I will try.


First, I grew up very tomboy-ish. I like all things that boys like. Growing up, I never have any female friends because I think they were too complicated and I could never understand them. I would rather climb trees, learn how to fix cars with my dad and enjoy little fights and play with guns.But my mom played an important role to teach me how to cook, sew, and all things about being a girl. I also grew up pretty much told that merit is important and that is above genders and social background. I never cared about my identity until I went into university where I learned that merit is not everything and my gender means something.

When I first started having a girl as a friend and stayed for quite sometimes, my mom asked me " how come?"

That surprised me too because I barely had any female friends who was very close. I do have female friends but they are mostly older than me and not my age. I like talking to older women because they have wisdom and lived the life longer than I do. I like listening their stories and experiences in life.

As of now, I am 23 years old. Before this age, I spent my late teenage days fooling around. I led my life around the idea that I don't want to become like my birthmother who is the epitome of a modern successful woman. I was afraid that I would be just like her, neglectful but proud of her worldly achievements. And when you are afraid of something, sometimes it becomes a reality. I spent sometime hanging out with the wrong crowds with wrong mindset. Until I realized, I became so unhappy and I became something I feared and hated.

Then I realized I wasn't taught to be that way. My mother, the one who raised me, taught me that balance is achievable as a woman. She doesn't need to label herself anything. To me, she is a great mother, great businesswoman, elegant and smart. She is capable of taking care of herself and still become a great mother,and that's why, she is someone who I wish to become when I grow old.

And since late 22, I started rediscovering myself by exploring the more feminine side of me. Thus why, I find myself enjoying homemaking and homestead content. Other than those, I have so many hobbies that probably this page won't fit. To name a few, I enjoy reading book, learning new programming language, learning biohacking, trade cryptocurrency, cooking, learning new investment instruments, testing new open source software and products, traveling, learning about guns, sport, nootropics,and art.

By my actual profession, I am a freelance copywriter and translator. However, I aspire to expand into junior dev and sys admin role. Other than that, I am also still in the process of finishing my degree in English literature, had I not fuck around and lost, I probably could have finished it by now.

On hive, I have been a curator with ocd since late 2017 to present. Beside that, I also manage twitter account of DIY Hub and anything Public Relation related to DIY hub. Been into so many projects joined and left but those two seem to be sticking and I love the community there.

Finally, I used to shy showing my face and everything. I am generally a bit paranoid and I care so much about my privacy and anonimity, but a friend of mine said " it's 2020 and acceptable to dox yourself" so here I am. Before I write other unnecessary information, this is my introduction and I am hoping to see more cool content from all of you ladies.

~ Mac


Well well, you say that you are not good at introducing yourself? I wonder what a good introduction should have more. But that aside, you are a beautiful, intelligent, and positive lady. It's a pleasure to have you in the Ladies of Hive community.

Thank you for sharing so much about yourself, and showing yourself. I hope to see many more posts from you.

Have a great weekend, and Take Care!

Thank you! I really look forward to read more stories from you and other ladies in the community.

Awesome intro, welcome, I'm happy to see you're into tech , have a sense of humor and it's nice to meet cha' :)

Nice to meet you too :D !

New community, for ladies? Wow... Today I came to know more about you, you are quite beautiful :D

yes!! please join the community, I think the place fits you as well.

Hi @macchiata, welcome .. just found the community yesterday thanks to @hetty-rowan.. Happy to connect with more ladies on hive :) have a good weekend!

happy to connect with you as well and the other ladies in the community :)

Welcome, and great to have you a part of DIY Hub.

thank you !

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Hello, @macchiata! We are pleased to have you join us in the Ladies of Hive Community. Please make this community you home. It is yours! Do not forget to used the #ladiesofhive as one of the first 4 tags on any and all of your articles so that the ladies may know more about you from your articles! Again, a big warm WELCOME to you.

Upped and rehived 😍

I think that was a fine Introduction.
If you only see my rough drafts before I post my blog, they are simply terrible since I have writing challenges that have me rely on auto correct a lot, and re-written many times over until it's reasonably right. My son has this disability so bad that it required a special educational intervention for him to achieve regular curriculum requirements before graduating.
Thanks for sharing and Welcome to Ladies of Hive!

hehe thank you so much ! I am looking forward reading more from you. 🌸

Hi Mac I admire all you do at such a young age. I am a few years older but love that we both joined LOH , so to many encounters online
Hug from Holland

To many encounters Brit! have a good day 😊

I really love your introduction, and glad to get to know you 😉
I was like you as a kid... Was more like a boy than a girl and loved to hang with the Boys instead of the chatty Girls. Just didn't have much incommon with them... Lol

You seem like such a sweet person and sure are intelligent and I look forward to learn more about you.
Welcome to ladiesofhive 🤗
Have a wonderful weekend. Cheers 🌷