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Hello, Dear Hivers! | Hola, Queridos Hivers!

This is the first time I enter a contest in this community. I want to thank my sister, @annaky, for the invitation. I think it's a very interesting initiative, so here I go...

boiling point.jpg

I chose the first option, which is:

1️⃣ "We all have a different boiling point, some of us are easily angered, others are really cool tempered. Kindly share one thing that makes you angry, how long do you stay mad, and what or who can pacify you."

When I read this, a lot of things came to my head, because even though I'm a positive person who always tries to be happy and see the beauty in the world, I get angry very easily! (Maybe it's a family thing). It sounds a little hard to choose just one thing, because one thing takes to another, and I'm very good at digressing, so I'm gonna try my best to just talk about one thing.

• One of the things that makes me angry:

Between so many, one of the things that makes me angry is senseless people. The people who does not think before acting. Those who do things that make no sense at all, and think they're making a great feat.
They anger me a lot!!

The worst is that my experience with these people has been... Awful. Cause it happened with people I thought to be close to me. I considered them family, and they suddenly came up with things that I say: "What the hell were you thinking?" (I don't say it out loud... At least not at the moment). That's been happening a lot, and it's really disappointing because they don't only do it once, they keep on with the nonesensical acts. I just can't put up with them, so I feel forced to take my distance. I don't like to be involved in any kind of drama, so... That's something else that makes me angry, drama.
I knew this was going to be hard.

• How long do you stay mad?:

It depends. If I get the chance to let off steam with someone at the moment, and let all that anger fly out, I can calm a little. If not, I stay secretly angry until I come back home and talk to my parents.

• What or who can pacify you?

Usually, my parents and their advices calm me a lot. And other times, the music does a good job pacifying me.

I hope you liked my entry! I enjoyed the writing process, even though I felt angry just writing it and remembering some incidents, LOL.

I want to invite @mipiano and @marianne55 to join this cool contest and enter the community Ladies of Hive. See ya!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay true to yourself always with a smile on your face




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I may start cooking with big knives to blow off steam.

Thanks for sharing @manujune

Might be the best thing to do, stepping away from those you find nonsensical and who bother you :) It's good that your parents' and music can calm your nerves :)

Thank you lots Manuela for taking part in the prompt and welcome to the community :)

There is a lot of nonsense and drama in the world but I hope you can avoid most of it! :)

Someone to talk to, like parents, and music we like - they can change our mood for the better, I agree. You have found good ways to cope with anger :)